cd-manager for WDTV

Left out by Western Digital, external dvd drive support was sorely needed for functionality on the wdtv

Initial public release:



  • manages multiple dvd drives via mdev
  • mounts discs by label
  • mounts discs at boot
  • handles volume labels with spaces in them
  • ejects discs when button is pressed

*** cd-manager ***

cd.manager is compatible with zoranders ext3-boot. It is included with ext3-boot and both versions (DVDMOD & WDLXTV) of my custom firmware.


        cd.manager v.0.6
    Copyright (C) 2009 Brad Love


cd.manager is taken from a linux-kernel mailing list post by Jens Axboe as an example of how to poll for CDROM events and deal with them in user space. After that Peter Willis got ahold of it and enhanced it to his wishes. I then modified the source code specifically to retool it for use on the WDTV with external usb cd/dvd drives. Manages mounting and allows use of eject button with the drive, as long as there is not a file being played. Discs are mounted using their volume label if it exists. Can be theoretically used to manage multiple external drives simultaneously.


cd.manager <device>
cd.eject <device>
cd.mount <device>
cd.manager polls the CDROM for various events and handles them accordingly.
when new media is detected the script cd.mount is executed.
when the eject button is pressed the script cd.eject is executed.


make (must have mipsel-linux cross compile toolchain installed)
make installer

follow the instructions displayed by make which are:

download cd.manager-0.5.install.tgz to wdtv, and execute from wdtv terminal:
        tar -zxvf cd.manager-0.5.install.tgz -C /
for mdev compatibility aka hotplug drive capability & boot time mounting
add the following line to /etc/mdev.conf:
        sr[0-9] 0:0 755 @(/etc/hotplug/cd.agent)
add the following line to /etc/filesystems above the vfat line:


8.4GiB DVD+R-DL has been tested to mount & play correctly.


Thanks to Jens and Peter for most of the work on this code.

GPL v2 compatible. see Copying for full details.


* fixed error in cd.eject to accomodate xmount double-mount'ing
* fixed clean up of all umounted directories
* fixed up Makefile a bit
* fixed issue of ghost mounting no disc (was mounted as auto)
* added logger logging to cd.agent
* added sanity checks

* manages multiple dvd drives via mdev
* mounts discs by label
* mounts discs at boot
* handles volume labels with spaces in them
* ejects discs when button is pressed

0.4 - initial public release

March 2nd, 2009 03:13

Hi. if i intall these unoficial firmwares for wd hd media player i must ALWAYS have plugged in the wd the usb flash disk with these unoficial fw files or is there a way to install the unoficial fw and then i plug out the usb flash disk and wd hd media player work just fine.

A lot of thanks.

< << edit: at the current time, yes you must have some sort of device plugged in at all times. This will change soon. --b-rad >>>

March 3rd, 2009 13:08

Hi Friend,

I tried to use your cd-manager support for wdtv,
but i’ve got problem with it.

It keeps giving me error “Unrecognized USB device”.
Maybe because i’ve got external LG dvd recorder (GE20LU10 – its detected in windows as Mass Storage Device).
Details of my device:


So i’ve got question – can you add support of this kind of external drives?

Best regards,

< << edit: it will say its an unrecognized device because technically it is according to WD. Have you gone through and seen if it is still mounting the discs, by browsing your USB devices on the wdtv? Mine says its unrecognized if I plug it in while the wdtv is already on, but still works like normal. If you boot with the drive connected you don't see any errors. --b-rad >>>

March 3rd, 2009 13:29

hmmm its strange because when i boot wdtv with dvd pugged in before start, then it boot to menu, yes – no errors, but keeps restarting after a while… ? when i unplug dvd drive it boots normally and detect hdd.

< << edit: Some time soon I'll whip up a debug version for you (and others) to produce lots of messages you can send. Just to get this straight, your drive does not work at all--right? -- b-rad >>>

March 3rd, 2009 15:14

ggw h20l blu-eay bd no
ggc h20 blu-ray bd no

dvd blu-ray ?????????

< << edit: are you telling me neither of those work, or asking me? If you're asking me, buy me one & I'll tell you ; ) -- b-rad >>>

March 3rd, 2009 23:27

I just thought about some version with recording everything to some log file. Thanks for your time friend :) I will wait for that version. br condi

March 4th, 2009 13:06

Hello b-rad,

Will it be possible in a future version, to let the fast forward and the fast rewind work PLEASE?

Thank you.

PS: Sorry for my english, i’m french.

< << edit: fast forward, rewind, and resume all work with my Plextor 716A. don't know what to tell you if yours don't. -- b-rad >>>

March 6th, 2009 08:59

Hi B-rad,

Sorry for the previous post, i succeeded doing it to work, on the other hand fast forward, rewind, and resumed does not work on the mkv files.

Great job.

<<< edit: Post your findings on the AVS forums thread linked above. Thanks. –b-rad >>>