WDLXTV-LIVE- – Extreme WDTV Live firmware upgrade **updated**

WDLXTV-Live is an unofficial homebrew firmware for the Western Digital WD TV Live. It enables a wide range of extra functionality which is missing from the official firmware, such as bittorrent, webserver, NZB, SSH, FTP, etc. I’ve done my best to make everything as easily configurable as possible, but it does require a little bit of work on your own. All of the settings are located in S00custom-options, which is included in the zipfile of every release. Open it in a text editor and peruse your options. If you need help there is a forum link at the bottom of the page. If you are a power user then you’ll be able to harness your Linux skills and fly off into the world of homebrew, wondering why you delayed any longer than you did.

In this release I’ve included some missing files, trimmed up a bit of space, and most importantly patched the bug that was causing a lot of you trouble getting bittorrent & NZB functionality working. Enjoy

A fairly major bug was pointed out by Marakoss, I have patched the firmware to fix it and add one slight enhancement for windows folk. You are highly recommended to upgrade as 0.3.3 is a bit broken
* fixed hotplug script for proper app/device mounting
* changed smb.conf resolve order to: lmhosts host wins bcast

* fixed nzbgetweb default upload dir to match default nzbget watch dir
* fixed online.delayer to accomodate space at end of nameserver line
* rezmus's audio/video info & youtube header dmaosd patches
* widened generic thumbs selected title
* libfuse2-2.8.1-1.1 included
* strace-4.5.19-1 included
* sshfs now works [maybe ;) ]
* gettext-0.17-8 included for custom translations
* more libs are md5'd / dupe files symlinked for space
* HFS devices are now fsck'd before mounting to fix r/o issue
* experimental ext4 support (mounted as ext3)
* possible NTFS fix for app.bins
* lighttpd server.upload-dirs now writeable
* php5-cgi error logging enabled /var/log/php5

*** WDLXTV_LIVE-0.3.3 ***
*** WDLXTV_LIVE- *** -- WDLXTV-LIVE-0.3.X Forum Suport Thread

Check out the main WDLXTV-Live page for full details and specifications.

Be sure to visit the WDLXTV_LIVE-0.3.0 page to find out how to enable deluge & nzbget.

Custom Translation Instructions:

Is your native language not included in the options? Would you like it to be? Well as long as your language can be represented in UTF-8 then I have provided a method to supply up to four custom languages, which will replace the asian translations. To accomplish:

  • Download my skeleton translation file here.

  • Open it in a text editor and fill in the sections with your translation of each phrase, here is the spanish translation file for an example.
  • When complete save it as custom-language-01.po (or custom-language-02.po, custom-language-03.po, custom-language-04.po).
  • Place the custom-language file at the root of a device and power cycle your WDTV Live.
  • The translation file will then be overlaid over an asian font, until the next time you power cycle your WDTV Live.
  • Select an asian language in the Options and if successful you'll have your native tongue displayed.

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time hacking the WD TV firmware[s], so if you appreciate my efforts please donate a little something using the link above : ) Thanks & enjoy.

January 10th, 2010 20:14

Ask about BD.ISO, M2TS subtitle options
there is a possibility in your future firmware update?

January 10th, 2010 21:50

You sir are a scholar and a gentleman. Consistently updating and posting more releases! If I had more money I would donate!
Cheers, keep up the good work.

January 11th, 2010 00:20

Thanks for the new version, b-rad. I’ve got it all loaded up and almost everything seems great thus far. I just tossed a few $$ your way, and I highly encourage everyone else to do the same. If you’ve got cash to buy an overpriced coffee each day, then you can spare something for b-rad’s efforts.

Anyway, I said almost everything. For the life of me, I cannot get the background or screen saver to load my custom edited image files. I edited the images maintaining the same resolution, naming and file type, and placed them in the orig.images folder just prior to this last firmware update, but no luck. I also tried copying them off of my USB thumb drive to /osd/image, but I of course got the Read-Only File System error. And with the background image, I used the “config_tool -c BACKGROUND_IMAGE=xxx.jpg” command with no luck. It just stays as the wood panel villa_bg.jpg… My deepest apologies if this is just pure n00b speak, but I have failed and I could not find any complete directions here or elsewhere…

Laurens Bosscher
January 11th, 2010 03:05

Looks awesome! Are icons visible in NZBGetweb?

January 11th, 2010 04:27

Thx Brad,

do you have th elink to the ext3 version as well that can run from USB directly, without reflashing :) (once you run one of your FW already)

<<< edit: Its linked in the forums. –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 04:45

Any plans for debian-squeeze-wdlxtv-live?

<<< edit: It’s planned, but not trivial due to the amount of incompatible libs…I gotta do some serious work arounds. –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 04:47

Thanks B-Rad,

Is there any chance of adding a Greek locale? Happy to help out!

<<< edit: Grab the skeleton translation file and get translating and have at it ;) –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 06:39

Thx for your great work! but i still have the Problem that my USB drives arent automounting at startup as a result of that no s00config is loading. I have a 1TB WD MyDisk (NTFS) and a 8gb usb stick (fat32) the usb stick is the only thing that getting mounted. When the WDTVLive is started i can acces my mybook only trough the mybook thumbnail not trough the USB1 or USB2 thumbnail but the usb stick can be accesed trough USB1 or USB2. To see the mybook in the USB1/2 folder i have to unplug/plug it. maybe this helps a little bit.

<<< edit: what the heck is a ‘mybook thumbnail’? –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 07:47

Thanks for yet another amazing update! Your hard work is much appreciated!!!

Just one quick question, not necessarily directed at you but to the WDTV community at large: it appears as though the WDTV live doesn’t support JBOD formatted USB enclosures. Is that a problem endemic to the device, or is it correctable in firmware?

Keep up the good work, my friend.

<<< edit: I could probably support them in wdlxtv-live, but it would require you or someone else buying me one of the devices. –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 08:30

Hi B-rad.
I’ve just updated firmware from 0.3.1 to 0.3.3 . Problems with Deluge are gone, but some new problems came up.
1) The firmware now doesn’t load app.bins (like WDTVExt.app.bin) and also ROOT.BIN won’t load. I’ve tried both USB ports. (My Flash drive is EXT2 FS)
2) As the firmware doesn’t load .bins, the Custom-translations won’t work either. I copied custom-language-01.po to my flash drive, tried every language and nothing happens. After restart the custom-language-01.po automaticaly dissapears from drive (but still no translation). Weird…
3) NTFS support without USB HUB is now as bad as NTFS with USB Hub in previous version (0.3.x). NTFS worked well for me in 0.2.x versions. == NTFS drive doen’t appear in Samba share, and dosn’t support special chars like ěščřžýáíé

<<< edit: you know WDTVExt was only for original WDTV, right? You have found a fairly major bug though, I’ve patched it and am testing now. The bug should only have prevented apps & devices from mounting, root.bin should have loaded without issue since its mounted via different process. Your custom-language file should not disappear, I don’t ever move/delete it. Thanks for the pointer. –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 09:58

Hello B-rad.
Thanks for great work. Have the same problem than Woife, no auto-mount of my NTFS USB HD.
Automount worked well till version
Since 0.3.x there are problems.
I have to unplug/plug every time – then it works…

January 11th, 2010 10:30

Hi, im not a user of the WDLXTV but looks is a awesome firmware.

i have a question the new firmware support the movie sheet on the WD TV LIVE? or is a problem of the app.

Ty in advance and keep the good work rad.

January 11th, 2010 11:00

Hi Brad,

yes found the ext3 on the forum for 0.3.3 not
Why not just post it here as well directly next to the FW ?


<<< edit: mass confusion and five hundred thousand questions about it. Its directly linked on the forum post that I suggest to check out, thats good enough. –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 11:35

Hi B-rad,

First of all thanks a lot for your effort in developing the WDLXTV firmware. Good job…;-)

Just one question, why do share the files over a commercial hoster like Rapid-Share? I can’tundstand that…

Why not sharing the files over an open torrent server?

Thx for your answer

<<< edit: Thanks. I don’t directly host because my server costs enough to keep snappy as is and I don’t want the extra processor load of 50GB+ of download traffic a day. Mirrors exist if you check the forum. –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 11:56

Hi Brad,

thanks for all your hard work. i donated to you just after you got the live in your hands. i don’t know if I missed it but did you get movie sheets to work? thanks for everything you do.

January 11th, 2010 15:25

Hi b-rad,

Thank you for all the great work you are doing.

about : “Looks awesome! Are icons visible in NZBGetweb?” from Laurens Bosscher (2nd post),

I think the problem is here :

# pwd
(in fact, a symlink to /etc/nzbget/nzbgetweb)

# ls -lad images
drwx—— 1 default 232 308 Jan 1 1970 images

there is no Read and execute for group and other on the “images” folder.


<<< edit: Good find. This will be fixed on the next maintenance release…Its not critical enough to warrant a release of its own. Cheers. –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 16:28

It’s based on 1.01.11 isn’t it?

What about 1.01.17 realeased today?

<<< edit: The only enhancement that 1.01.17 offers is a safer online upgrade process. I’ve disabled the online updater since I don’t offer online updates–therefore 1.01.17 does not apply to WDLXTV-Live. –b-rad >>>

Rob Steele
January 11th, 2010 16:58

Thanks a bunch B-Rad! Your work is greatly appreciated.

January 11th, 2010 19:33

I’m dying to try out your firmware b-rad, but the upgrade appears to fail for me :(

Currently I’m on 1.01.17 and trying to flash to The USB update files are detected OK. After the reboot, the settings menu again tells me that a new firmware update is available.

The system info says I’m still at 1.01.17, so the upgrade seems to have silently failed.

Is there a chance that the 1.01.17 update from WD (which was related to firmware upgrading) has disabled USB-based upgrades? (Long shot, but worth asking…)


<<< edit: odd indeed. So you’re saying you initiate an upgrade, then it reboots–but never flashes or loads wdlxtv-live? Post your details to the forum and perhaps I or someone else can debug it there. –b-rad >>>

January 11th, 2010 20:01

Would I be right in Saying that Optware does not work with the WDTV Live?

<<< edit: correct, binary incompatibility between mipsel architectures. –b-rad >>>

January 12th, 2010 01:29

Hi b-rad,
first of all thanks for your great work!
Just one question:

Is there a chance to get a “random-play-function” for VIDEOS?
The thing is… I have about 650 music videos and i dont want to listen to them from “A-Z” every time.
Would be great if you could add that to your firmware.
Provided that it is not a big problem to program that.
THX very much!
greetings from germany

<<< edit: I could do it, but you’d have to donate quite a sum because it wouldn’t be completely trivial to implement. –b-rad >>>

January 12th, 2010 02:46

I have 0.3.2 firmware installed on my box, and am trying to run the latest bootable from my usb stick.

I have noticed that my menu text seems to be changed…like it is at a lower resolution and harder to read. It just appears more aliased. The video image looks fine…just the OSD stuff is effected.


I would post in the forum, but it appears to be down at the moment.

January 12th, 2010 03:46

Thank you very much for this software.

Automounting NTFS – HDD, as said before by others, isn’t working properly.
Still fighting with the NZBGET software, comm, problem between nzbget software and webui.
Also I am not sure if read/write option is worrking for NTFS HDD.

<<< edit: I’m pretty sure I’ve just figured out the NTFS issue, will be patching and releasing soon. Users on wdtvforum have posted nzbget config and much details on how they’ve gotten it up and running, consult there for clues. –b-rad >>>

January 12th, 2010 07:24

Wow, awesome work, thank you so much!

I was wondering if there is any chance that the torrent data of deluge would be saved so that after unplugging you don’t have to create the torrents again.

<<< edit: I’m pondering an elegant way to save state thats semi-transparent to the end-user. So, yes, eventually ;) –b-rad >>>

January 12th, 2010 07:53

Hi b-rad,
as always… great job!
One question: I see I can enable the internal ftp server but I haven’t understood if it is possible to read media from an ftp server (no examples anywhere…).


<<< edit: Not atm, but I’ll have a little gift for you in the next version ;) –b-rad >>>

January 13th, 2010 08:09

Any chance to get some help on the WD TV mini?

<<< edit: Are you offering to buy me one? If not then no. –b-rad >>>

January 13th, 2010 08:48

Official WD Live firmware version 1.01.17 is up:




January 13th, 2010 09:43

I will try to get enough donations. I was just looking to see if you would be willing. I know ppl are looking for help on the WDTV.com forum and you are the WDTV expert. Thx!

<<< edit: Any device (from any manufacturer) that finds its way into my hands will get hacked to bits if its at all possible. ;-) –b-rad >>>

January 13th, 2010 10:47

Quick question on the live firmware….

It’s based on the 1.01.11 firmware, but I have some bugs with it, mainly playing back mp4′s with AAC audio, the audio becomes out of sync anytime you FF, Pause, or REW. Does this problem exist on the WDLXTV-Live firmware?

If it does, it’s not a big deal, I plan on upgrading to this firmware tonight anyway, just wanted to know.

<<< edit: probably, I don’t touch anything that would affect that. –b-rad >>>

January 13th, 2010 10:59


The translation trick can be used on a standard WD box or just the Live version? If not, is it easy to do it?



<<< edit: If you compile your custom-language-xx.po file using msgfmt from the gettext package and include it at the root of a device at boot, then yes it works the exact same way. Its a hidden feature. ;-) There isn’t enough space inside the firmware for all the required binaries to do the compilation on board like I do with the live model though. –b-rad >>>

January 13th, 2010 11:02

Donated towards the Mini. Amazon has it listed for $50, Thx!

<<< edit: Check your mail ;-) –b-rad >>>

January 13th, 2010 13:41

Hello Sir,

Firstly thanks for a great update..

Being a bit of a newbie I hit a problem, I plugged in my 500GB Western Digital book drive into USB 2 port (where i normally put it in) WDTV found the firmware, rebooted then hit a screen saying please wait your WDTV is being WDTVlx’d do not disconnect the power et al.

It sat there for 10min at 0%. Hmm I have bricked my drive I thought, so bricked I disconnected the drive from the USB 2 port plugged into the USB1 port and it upgraded successfully boy did I breathe a sigh of relief :)

Could you please update your note and say put it in USB1 not USB2 or a small upgrade feature for v 3.3.4 is to load off of either drive.

Again thanks for your efforts!!


January 13th, 2010 13:50

is there any way to play mpc or ape audio with the
WD Live?

January 13th, 2010 15:33

firstly thank you for all your hard work.
now the case in point can you please fix the problem of showing jpgs and avis when in network mode. i would be in your debt forever if u could

thx in advance

January 14th, 2010 01:39

Would it be possible to implement ftp and http download? How much do you want me to donate for that? ;)

<<< edit: You need to better explain what you desire. –b-rad >>>

January 14th, 2010 01:59

Has anyone tried running boxee on top of WDTV-debian? Could be an interesting venture. But saddly I don’t have a Live

January 14th, 2010 02:45


I used the msgfmt and I got a messages.mo file as output alongside with these warnings:

msgfmt.exe: custom-language-01.po: warning:
Charset “CHARSET” is not a portable encoding name.
Message conversion to user’s charset might not work.

So just put messages.mo on the root? Need to do any renaming?

PS If this work I am definately donating!

<<< edit: no, you need to follow the instructions. Make sure the file is encoded in UTF-8. The file is named the same, just the extension is changed to mo…so custom-language-01.mo ;) –b-rad >>>

January 14th, 2010 04:49

i update my western digital with the official firmware the last 1.01.17 and i am trying to update my machine with this firmware but it’s not doing anything.am i doing something wrong??

<<< edit: Yes, you’re not consulting the forums where the discussion takes place. –b-rad >>>

January 14th, 2010 05:33

Thanks Your job!
I have one question!
You don’t support WDLXTV for wdtv 1gen?
I Wait next FW for WDLXTV

January 14th, 2010 09:43

###Would it be possible to implement ftp and http download? How much do you want me to donate for that? ;)


I would like to use the wdtv for my downloads. I would like a web interface where I can enter download links. Then I can turn off my pc and the wdtv does the job.
It would be especially useful to be able to schedule downloads (for example to make them run at nighttime).

January 14th, 2010 10:41

can you check :
deevus said:
EDIT: When trying to boot into ext3-boot-live, it doesn’t broadcast video through HDMI but rather composite, and it just sits on a blank background before rebooting after a minute or so. Is this a known issue with a workaround? Is there a log of the bootup or a way to enable logging?


<<< edit: I’m using 1.01.11.EXT3-BOOT_LIVE- currently and HDMI works as intended. It has with all previous versions as well. Try and not select ‘auto’ instead choosing an actual resolution, there might be a EDID handshake problem or something…although mine is set to auto… –b-rad >>>

January 15th, 2010 00:10


I think adding bounty section to your site will help users to get what plugin / feature they need by offering money and Others can join the bounty and add more money for a feature.

I am ready to add first bounty ;)

Sorry for my poor English!

January 15th, 2010 01:01

Thank you for your hard work.
I’m waiting custom firmware for official firmware 1.01.17

<<< edit: well I’m waiting for donations that specifically say ‘please integrate 1.01.17′ ;) –b-rad >>>

Carlos Matos
January 15th, 2010 02:58

Can you explain to me what’s the use for the ntfs-3g included on WDlxTV_LIVE- ?
Since I’m a Windows user with some knowledge of Linux, I would like to how to use this and if I will experience overal performance with it.


<<< edit: The Changelog is quite clear, its for power users to do the testing themselves at their own risk. WD uses the Paragon UFSD NTFS driver and ntfs-3g might very well be incompatible with it. I don’t use NTFS, but others bugged me to include it for them to test–so i did. I don’t recommend using it at all unless you know what you’re doing and are prepared for possible data corruption or other unforeseen consequences. –b-rad >>>

January 15th, 2010 03:41

Thank you very much for the update 0.3.4

After adjusting NZBGET download is working on NTFS formatted drives. Also for so far no mounting problems.
Still existing is comm. between nzbget firmware and webui. Screen is still blanc or better black.
Seems that a certain script isn’t working as it should.
Will search for a solution has no direct priority…..

Keep up de good work much appreciated.

January 15th, 2010 07:39

Awesome work, thank you so much!
Can our media player be a web browser?

January 19th, 2010 11:42

at first: Thank you for your excellent work. The Firmware runs perfectly.

Would it be possible to integrate Truecrypt? And would be the performance of the WD_Live strong enough to decrypt 1080p movies?

January 20th, 2010 12:51

As the firmware doesn’t load the Custom-translations won’t work either. I copied custom-language-01.po to my flash drive, tried every language and nothing happens. After restart the custom-language-01.po automaticaly dissapears from drive (but still no translation). No working……………

January 21st, 2010 12:19

Hi, much thank for everything what for us do you do, Shall I question FW is Shall I create file from translation, will record to the root disk, but malfunctions it ………….pleas help. Thank you
(Excuse for my bad English)

January 23rd, 2010 04:03


Thx for the firmware upgrades B-rad!
After installing fw i lost the image through HDMI. It used to work with the previously installed I have even tried downgrading to previous versions, including the latest original fw, still no image trough HDMI output!
Any suggestions?

January 23rd, 2010 04:35

Thank you for your good job

but in version 3.3.1 doesn’t the CIFSINTERCEPTOR
with nfs mounting not work.

<<< edit: works for me. –b-rad >>>

February 6th, 2010 05:56

I upgrade my wd tv live vith official firmware 1.01.17 and now i dont hev option too change firmware by USB , when you go to update firmware wd serch only internet conection.

March 19th, 2010 04:52

hey! great project b-rad :)

I’m trying to downgrade the deluge version (1.2 is not supported by all trackers) and I can’t figure out with which deluge build to go, i don’t know which build you used (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/archive/ has arch, debian, fedora, gentoo, mandriva, ubuntu and windows)

If it’s none of those i’d love to know how you build the wdlxtv version from source.

p.s.: It seems there’s a lot of info on various websites and yours (including these Q/A comments) for the wdlxtv, I’d love to help organize the support, how can I help :) ?


<<< edit: You’ve already found the wiki, please add as much information as you can to it. Everything from my site can be moved there. As for up/downgrading deluge, well its about the hardest piece of software there is to modify. For this reason I’ll probably switch to my preferred client, rtorrent, eventually. I went with deluge because I thought wtorrent was the only rtorrent webui, but rutorrent is very nice. –b-rad >>>