WDLXTV-Live- – long overdue super update

WDLXTV-Live is an unofficial homebrew firmware for the Western Digital WD TV Live. It enables a wide range of extra functionality which is missing from the official firmware, such as bittorrent, webserver, NZB, SSH, FTP, etc. I’ve done my best to make everything as easily configurable as possible, but it does require a little bit of work on your own. All of the settings are located in S00custom-options, which is included in the zipfile of every release. Open it in a text editor and peruse your options. If you need help there is a forum link at the bottom of the page. If you are a power user then you’ll be able to harness your Linux skills and fly off into the world of homebrew, wondering why you delayed any longer than you did.

This version has about as many changes as you can possibly make in one firmware. Things might have been a bit silent for the last few months, but in reality this firmware has been under constant development changing everything under the hood. Big thanks to recliq, who has stepped up to help with programming & maintenance.
* pibos WDTVExt dynamic extension software integrated
* thespecialist's WMAPro audio support
* psychodad's autoframerate/resolution patch
* recliq's moviesheet plugin
* recliq's WDTVExt plugin manager
* AutoZoom overscan fix during video playback
* forcehdmi option for resolutions not contained in EDID
* Samba/smb.conf fixes for missing/nonworking network shares
* Zosters's UMSP-0.14 with searching capability
* OK button comes before cancel in network share login & resume message boxes
* UMSP plugins are pulled from svn on boot, enable them individually through webend
* multi-file custom UMSP plugins enabled (/conf/umsp.php + /conf/umsp-plugins.tgz)
* fixed peristent video resume points file on local device; video_resume_point_table
* Setting for password protected Samba shares with guest read only access
* Samba debug level can be set
* fixed /boot with .rootFS
* webend symlink permission fixes
* youtubeHD fix
* rtorrent-0.8.6-1 included
* rutorrent-3.0 included
* ffmpeg-SVN-r22988 included
* curl_7.20.0-3 included
* new user supplied init.d script now avaiable: /conf/S99user-script
* sorted path/plugin errors (mostly) in rutorrent
* linksheets disabled, recliq's WDTVExt movisheet plugin enabled
* Python removed
* Deluge removed
* fixed load.webplugin bug causing rogue setup links in webend
* included mediainfo-0.7.25
* included apache2
* ability to set custom telnet/ssh ports
* /dev/sda1 is now fsck'd if root.bin/.rootFS exists at boot
* included tcpdump-3.9.8
* fixed domain wide auth
* updated osd pages to wdlxtv.com
* jamiroo's corrected spanish localization
* Techflaws.org's corrected german localization
* avkiev's corrected russian localization
* jamiroo's catalan localization
* Staduk's Greek localization
* bagira's Hungarian localization
* ReMARKable's dutch localization
* moved deluge/nzbget/umsp/webend web dirs to /usr/share
* lots of extra logging in scripts for bug report in webend
* mount.watch rewritten - usb hubbed devices now mounted under the slot they're plugged into (media library = off)
* tons & tons of bug patches & minor enhancements/tweaks

Is that enough for one update? :-p Read further for detailed analysis of whats been changed.

Theres been over 400 revisions made to the firmware since, and the reason for the long delay is every time we would get close to a release another major feature would get itself worked in that had to be tuned & refined…and this kept happening until I finally put a stop to the madness to produce the masterpiece that is ;-) Hundreds, upon many hundreds of hours have gone into this release. Now as much as possible was done to find and fix any bugs, thanks to some of my beta testing crew, but there is no doubt bugs that none of us has found. Be sure to report them to forum.wdlxtv.com

Ok first off, the internal webserver has been changed from lighttpd to Apache–and the webserver has been locked down with domain wide authentication. This gives us a lot more freedom to do things like streaming various sources and youtubeHD without much workarounds, plus it means all of the memory limitations and bugs of lighttpd won’t affect us anymore. The webend has had a lot of work done to it as well. System daemons can now be started/stopped from the webend, which means you don’t have to delve into S00custom-options to enable rtorrent, nzbget, etc. Theres also a snazzy bug report and the information in ‘system tools’ has been refined to make it all a bit more n00b friendly.

Yes, I said rtorrent. Deluge has been removed from the firmware, along with python, as it was a complete hassle to upgrade and took up far too much space for what it offered. Included with rtorrent is the rutorrent webui and a various plugins for it, like unpack & rss. To enable rtorrent, first go to the webend and click on the rtorrent link in the ‘system daemons’ panel and start it. Next reboot/power cycle your wdtvl. Once you’ve rebooted it you will see an rtorrent button in the webend, you must configure rtorrent before you can use it. This entails clicking on the config link and setting a download location. The best way to select a drive to use for downloads is to create a file called .mnt in its root, this will force the drive mounted at boot to ensure it exists when rtorrent is started. A link to the mount table is provided on the config page so you can see values to enter for the rtorrent download location.

One of the nicer bits that is included now is WDTVExt, by the great pibos (bogdan petriou). This software, produced for wdlxtv, allows dynamic OSD customization. What does this mean? Well for one that extended scan time for moviesheets that existed in has been done away with, thanks to recliq‘s moviesheet plugin. There is also now a WDTVExt plugin manager, courtesy of recliq, which allows you to download, enable, disable, and update plugins directly from the subversion repo–so you’re always up to date. There are plugins that allow a variety of extra functionality, like marking media that has been watched / extended chapter navigation / weather / etc. The plugin manager gives you an easy way to use WDTVExt plugins without being an expert.

In addition to WDTVExt plugins coming from the SVN, all UMSP plugins are now downloaded from the subversion repo every boot now too! They all come disabled, but if you navigate to the webend and click on the config link of the UMSP button you can enable/disable/configure all of them individually. Note: no plugins currently have a config page, this bit is being worked on and will come soon. ;-) Until then you can enable SVN plugins by making entries in /conf/umsp.php as detailed in the specific plugins faq.

A new codec has made it in too, WMAPro audio support. This contribution is from the asm hacker thespecialist, who is a welcome addition to the dev team. I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to be able to play HD videos containing the codec. thespecialist was also able to debug and solve the issue of missing servers in the ‘network shares’ area, and this fix has been included for you enjoyment.

But, possibly the nicest feature to grace the firmware now is psychodad‘s auto framerate/resolution capability. Yes, this means that now (when you enable it) the framerate will change to the resolution of the video you are watching!!! Upon video completion the resolution/framerate will switch back to whatever you had selected in the OSD. Another piece of psychodad‘s contribution is HDMI resolution enforcement. This feature is for those of you out there who’s display has a bunk EDID and therefore they’ve been stuck with 480P, instead of 720P or 1080P, or for those tv’s (like mine) who contain hidden resolutions not in the EDID. Both of these settings must be enabled manually, and only apply to HDMI connections. To enable this great feature telnet in and execute config_tool -c AUTORES=ON, or uncomment the appropriate line from S00custom-options. To enable forced HDMI resolutions: config_tool -c FORCEHDMI=ON

To partner with psychodad’s auto framerate patch, I have developed an overscan-zoom out correction setting. This allows you to set a custom zoom to happen when videos are played. This means that you can set display to automagically zoom out to 90%, or further if you choose, when a video starts. To enable AutoZoom telnet in and execute config_tool -c DEFAULT_ZOOM=1 (for 90% zoom), or uncomment the appropriate line from S00custom-options.

One other interesting bit, is new localizations have been added and others have been updated and/or corrected. The new localizations include: catalan by jamiroo, dutch by ReMARKable, hungarian by bagira, and greek by staduk. Refer to S00custom-options to find out how to enable these localizations.

This will also be the first major release to have multiple OSD-integrated firmware to choose from. For now the choices are julioJS and PsychoTHC’s great osd mods, with possibly more to come. I will be adding them soon. I *think* thats all the major stuff, besides that there are an insane amount of tweaks, bug patches, enhancements, additional software, and script rewrites. Pretty much nothing in the firmware was left untouched. Is this enough for you? This release is a masterpiece, imho :-D

I’ve gotta take some down time now, I’ve worked solid the last 4 days to get this release ready and as polished as possible and ready for consumption. I hope you enjoy it! Remember to make threads for any&all bugs you find at forum.wdlxtv.com. We are on the road to perfection. Cheers! –b-rad

To directly download this version you must sign up for an account at wdlxtv.com

*** WDLXTV-Live- ***
*** WDLXTV-Live- Rapidshare link ***
*** 1.02.21_WDLXTV.COM_WDLXTV_LIVE- bittorrent link (fastest) ***

WDLXTV-Live-Minimal has been temporarily discontinued. WDLXTV-Live full comes with rtorrent & NZBGet disabled by default, so it is just as thin and fast as minimal was. Plus the size difference now is negligible. I have a different ‘minimal’ project in the works instead ;) You can discuss this release in depth over at forum.wdlxtv.com in the discussion thread.

August 2nd, 2010 21:17

thanks a lottt, great work!!!! :) installing right noww

August 2nd, 2010 22:11

wow, thats alot of changes, can’t wait to get home and try it out.
Thanks alot guys :)

August 2nd, 2010 23:32

Those are really nice additions!

Any chance to see them on the G2 in the future? ;-)

<<< edit: Of course, eventually, when I can find the time. –b-rad >>>

August 2nd, 2010 23:36

Thanks for this great release!

August 3rd, 2010 01:31

Any movement on a homebrew firmware for the Wdtv Live Plus?

<<< edit: already said many times, that Live comes first as Plus will be based off Live. Donators will have wdlxtv-live+ long before anyone else, the moment I have a beta ready. –b-rad >>>

August 3rd, 2010 03:01

Are you still basing on the official released firmware of WD? Or have you implemeted the actual beta firmware which is supporting DVD Menu?

<<< edit: No, I’m not wasting any time on those buggy POS’s. –b-rad >>>

August 3rd, 2010 04:23

Wow! And I must say it again: wow!
Makes me wish I had the live version instead of this crappy G2, which noone wants to support anymore ;)

<<< edit: If this were my full time job, then G2 would get just as much attention as Live…but its not, and I work where its most desired. Eventually I’ll get back around to G2 and bring it up to speed. –b-rad >>>

August 3rd, 2010 06:02

I assume that this is for the WD Live only and not for the plus? Any word on a plus version? Thanks.

<<< edit: This firmware took up every second of my time the previous 4 days. wdlxtv-live+ will be worked on now that it is complete and beta will be sent to donators the moment its ready. –b-rad >>>

August 3rd, 2010 09:16

excelent job b-rad you are hero, superhero! thanks

August 3rd, 2010 11:06

You are a pride to the user’s WDTV Live.

August 3rd, 2010 11:36

This is simply amazing work! How you consider this just a version increment is beyond me. Why hasn’t WD given you a job you yet?

Thank you and thanks to everyone else who helped with this (and previous) releases! This homebrew is awesome!

August 3rd, 2010 13:49

and 1,000,000 thanks. I’m going to try this version out as fast as possible.
Do you have the plan to integrate the DVD navigation into a (hopefully) coming version of WDLXTV-Live? I would really like to have that feature…

Best regards,

<<< edit: When that firmware has no bugs and/or is released as an official release then yes, until then no…as I’ve probably said 1000x now ;) –b-rad >>>

August 4th, 2010 00:28

Unfortunately still freezing after 400-420 covers/thumbnails’re loaded. :( The last version without this problem was 1.01.24_B-RAD.CC_WDLXTV_LIVE-!
(Obviously a bug of the original firmware)

<<< edit: Post info at forum.wdlxtv.com –b-rad >>>

August 4th, 2010 07:29

im running my movie sheets and net mounts from a flash drive and the themes work great but alas non of my movie sheets seem to work any help would be great. am i doing somthing wrong as they worked perfectly untill i upgraded the firmware this morning.

cheers b-rad any help would be fantastic

August 4th, 2010 10:06

Hey B-Rad nice work!! Question I was able to use tversity and still get movies sheets by putting the images on a thum drive. Since the update this no longer works. I guess becuase linksheets were disabled?? Is it possable to re enable them in the currrent firmware? If so how can I do it.

<<< edit: Find out the exact path where you have all your sheets, then config_tool -c MSHEETDIR=/that/sheet/path –b-rad >>>

August 4th, 2010 20:15

Thanks for the fast reply its on a thumb drive in the rear usb port in a folder called fanart. What would the path be for the usb port?

August 4th, 2010 20:20

/dev/sda1 mounted at /tmp/media/usb/USB2/6092-A0B7

This is the info from drive space in the web front end

August 4th, 2010 20:31

B-Rad I got it THANKS!!!!! I used /tmp/media/usb/USB2/6092-A0B7/fanart

August 5th, 2010 02:32

excellent work B-rad, thanks!
but i have two questions:
1) how is ffmpeg used? is it automatically loaded when a file can’t be played with the original codecs, or do i have to start it manually?
2) i clicked on refreshing UMSP plugins on the web interface, and it keeps saying they are downloaded from svn, but nothing happens… what am i doing wrong?

<<< edit: 1) ffmpeg is used in the autoframerate bit, it does nothing on its own. It is there if you want to do something advanced, or for others who eventually use it in their extensions. 2) I respectfully ask, can you read? ;) WDTVExt plugins are not UMSP plugins. They are completely different software packages differing as much as they could possibly differ. UMSP plugins are all downloaded at boot. Lastly, this is not the place for support, forum.wdlxtv.com is. –b-rad >>>

August 5th, 2010 12:31


The bagira’s Hungarian localization is not working for me. Why?

<<< edit: No clue, post your concerns in the proper thread at forum.wdlxtv.com –b-rad >>>

August 5th, 2010 12:49

Until then you can enable SVN plugins by making entries in /conf/umsp.php as detailed in the specific plugins faq

Where is the specific plugins faq?

<<< edit: In the UMSP section of forum.wdlxtv.com. –b-rad >>>

Carlos Alexandre
August 5th, 2010 18:20

Hello b-rad thanks for this awesome firmware :)

I would like to ask you to consider using sabnzbd instead of nzbget in future releases, if you think this is a reasonable request please consider it.

Best Regards and great work

<<< edit: completely unreasonable, theres no python. ;) –b-rad >>>

August 5th, 2010 19:19

Outstanding!! Fantastic!! Stupendous!! A Herculean effort!! Just as your WDLXTV upgrade took the Gen1 WDTV to unbelievable levels of functionality, this MEGA SUPER WDLXTV LIVE update literally transforms the WDTV Live into a device worthy of a place in any serious media enthusiasts entertainment center.

I am giddy with the possibilities your software allows!!

August 5th, 2010 19:48

I am a Newbie user with a Live Plus. Just found this thread and now understand that I must wait a while to try out this highly recommended firmware. I won’t be one of the many who continue to ask when a version of B-Rad will be available for the Plus. Asked and answered.

I almost wish that I had the older model so I could upgrade now, but then again Netflix access is kind of nice.

Keep up the good work. I am sure that the jungle drums will be beating loudly when you have something for the Plus.


August 7th, 2010 15:53

Howdy b-rad…

Is it just me or WDTV really misses a better music library navigation system??

Cause it would be really cool to listen to some music from the WDTV, wich is barely impossible using the actual FW…

Any chances of this kind of increasement for next wdlxtv versions??

Thx and great work!!!

<<< edit: No, what you want is not really feasible. Thanks for the kudos. –b-rad >>>

August 8th, 2010 05:07

You did it again!
Man, I hope WD doesn’t offer you a job because they would probably squash this project!

Thanks again – I pressing the ‘Donate’ button now!

Buzz Man

<<< edit: Thanks buzz! –b-rad >>>

August 8th, 2010 05:15

Hi B-Rad,

Excellent update, many thanks for all the hard work.
I was looking at the youtube and can now get HD, but do you know if it will ever be possible to view the restricted content stuff?

<<< edit: You should be able to watch anything you can watch on a computer. If theres a geographical block, there is nothing you can do client side to get around it short of routing your traffic elsewhere. –b-rad >>>

August 8th, 2010 05:23

Am i the only one who is experiencing problems with external DMA mod on this new FW? The previous version of brad’s masterpiece just perfectly co-lived with lilibabe’s picto 3 mod. This one seems to manage external mods in a different way. Whatever i tried it always used mainmenu icons from embedded mod (PsychoTHC’s?) while getting other stuff from external mod placed in a pendrive. Besides this b-rad mentioned this FW has two mods integrated. Is there any information on how to switch what mod to use?

<<< edit: absolutely nothing has changed in regards to OSD mods (dunno what a DMA mod is?). There are not extra themes included internally, there is no space for that. What I’m going to do is put out separate releases with those themes integrated. –b-rad >>>

August 9th, 2010 03:02

Great news, can’t wait to install it! :-)

Just making my donation, this piece of work must be appreciated!

<<< edit: Thank you carlos :-) –b-rad >>>

August 9th, 2010 09:50

Hello, thanks for the update! I have edited S00custom-options, but I cant get it to work.. I’ve formated my usb stick to fat32 and copyed the S00custom-options file to it, there is nothing else on it only the S00custom-options file.. after power-off power-on with the usb-stick in it, there is nothing happening, it just boot normally, but the background didnt change.. it should be the villa image? I removed te # fra the S00custom-options file aswell… any newbie step-by-step description I can read? Link?

Is there any finished “newbie” movie-sheet I can download the plug and play way? hehe.. thanks alot! :-) )

<<< edit: !!!! forum.wdlxtv.com !!!! –b-rad >>>

August 9th, 2010 10:55

Sorry man, but can’t find it there :( I manage to log-in to the webend, but gotta re-flash because I can’t get back in after changing te password.

keep up the great work!

August 10th, 2010 11:23

Hello B-Rad, I’ve got problems bringing the CD manager to life! DVDs are not working. eject button also not. Is this known by you and are you able to fix it, this would make your firmware (except DVD Menue support) perfect!THX

<<< edit: My trusty external optical drive died on me long ago. When it died so did support for optical drives. I have repeated over&over&over: if someone buys me a nice external optical drive, then I will work on this again and get it fixed. With no optical drive there is zero incentive, as debugging without a physical device is a waste of time. –b-rad >>>

August 10th, 2010 12:43

With the donations I would assume that you would be able to buy a device!!! Optical read only devices are not very expensive, so this would be very nice when you could fix it. I’m from Germany, so to send you an optical device would not make sense!

<<< edit: No, I will not spend $80+tax on a device that I don’t need/want. I have enough equipment sitting around that I don’t use. –b-rad >>>

August 11th, 2010 00:21

Sorry, but I cannot understand this. Your job is very nice, but how can you build something in, where you exactly know that it is buggy! Then kick it, but a feature which is build in and is not working generates a lot of confusion for the users…..


This would be under 40 Dollar inkl.tax! So not 80 as you said.
This for example the divice I have here at home!

<<< edit: Look, this isn’t up for discussion so stop arguing. It’s not my duty to ensure that everything works 100%, especially if I have to spend money out of my own pocket for something i don’t want and then have to spend many additional hours working on it. I don’t care about optical drive support! I am not wasting *MY* time *AND* money on something I don’t care about. What is there not to understand about this? If someone else buys the drive, then I’ll work on it, otherwise I don’t care. It works ‘well enough’ for many people out there, as is. You expecting me to spend even $40+shipping out of the country and duties and then my own personal time on development is ridiculous. Do not argue about this anymore, the option is there for anyone that wants me to take it on–otherwise just sit there, be quiet, and enjoy what you get for free. –b-rad >>>

Oliver Montero
August 11th, 2010 06:13

To: slg60,

Dude then buy the external disk and send it to Brad, he told you already. The proposal that he waste his well deserved donations to buy an optical drive so you can use a external CD-ROOM is unacceptable.

If I were you would try to get some people who want that feature to get together to buy the drive and send it to Brad.

Common sense people and let’s be grateful.

August 11th, 2010 06:37

Hey bro,

Great going with unofficial ( and better) support for WD player users. :)

I have recently purchased rcryan Playon! HD player. Can you please recommend from where I can get the support for it in terms for functionality and third part software/ firmwares.

Do suggest something….

<<< edit: Zero clue. I do not have that player and know nothing about it. If one found its way into my hands I could see how feasible it is to port wdlxtv to it, and could then add some areas in the forum…but without a device you’re on your own. –b-rad >>>

August 16th, 2010 08:39

i donated for such a great cause, will donate a $20 once i can see telnet or SSH on the + version nothing else needed ATM just a shell that works would allow me to start playing with the firmware myself.

<<< edit: wdlxtv-plus is coming (for donators) very soon, I hope. ;-) –b-rad >>>

October 3rd, 2010 01:00


Any chance that you would include the AOE-Tools and kernel module so that we can mount ata over ethernet devices and shares?

October 4th, 2010 15:47

just wondering if any updates will be made compatible with wdtv hd G2 higher than .4.1.9-6

this wdlxtv firmware is pretty good, much better than official 1.01.77, but still has a few glitches and would love to see your latest LIVE firmware ported to be G2 compatible

thanks for all your efforts! :)

<<< edit: Done. –brad >>>

November 1st, 2010 11:30

Hi could someone please let me know if this is the right hack for my WD TV please??

I have the WD TV Live HD. It’s not the Plus version.

Is this the right one then for my model please.

March 28th, 2011 16:50

any updates coming??