Homebrew for WDTV Live SMP (gen3)

Merry Christmas, I bring tidings of homebrew goodness. I have just released a homebrew package for the WDTV Live streaming media player. The one commonly referred to as ‘gen3′. WDLXTV-Palace, as it will be called, utilizes a hole that allows booting of arbitrary firmware. Perhaps one of the nicer things is there’s no flashing involved!

The secure boot chain or kernel encryption/signing has not been cracked. I did not break sigmas super secret drm. I can not boot an arbitrary kernel. What I can do is put the media player into a ‘homebrew mode’, after which I interrupt the normal boot and switch to a firmware on usb if one exists. If some special usb boot files are not present, then the stock firmware boots. This homebrew mode is persistent across power resets, so when you enable it you have the option of running homebrew any time you like.

NOTE: before you get too excited there are a lot of bugs right now and the firmware will (probably) only ever be usb boot.

So, the Palace homebrew kit consists of a few pieces:

  • scripts/ directory – Linux/windows scripts used to put media player into homebrew mode

  • boot/ directory – the files required on usb to boot

Besides the homebrew kit you also need a firmware to boot:

  • wdlxtv-palace.bin

Instructions are provided in the homebrew kit zip file, the aptly titled README.txt, read them. :-) wdlxtv-palace.bin is provided in separate release.

Heres a quick overview:

1) Run the script(s) you require
2) Copy the files in boot/* to the root of a usb device
3) Place wdlxtv-palace.bin on the usb device
4) Plug usb into wdtv gen 3 (palace)
5) Power cycle the palace
6) Notice (hopefully) it boot into wdlxtv palace
7) Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around

Thats what its all about :-D

Come join in the homebrew goodness. Download and discuss here: WDLXTV-Palace forum

Enjoy and have a happy holidays!!!

– b-rad (brad)

December 20th, 2012 19:29

dunno how long this will last, but seems like a deal :-)

– b-rad (brad)