Optware for WDTV 0.2

I have updated my Optware for WDTV opt.bin image, but not much has changed so no need to get super excited. This time around I used ipkg to install the prerequisite packages. Two new packages have been added to the prerequisite list now too: readline & uClibc-opt. Some applications will appreciate having uClibc around now, aka they’ll run correctly. Thanks to Brian Zhou @ nslu2-linux.orgfor assembling the few libs needed to get that in order!

You don’t need to download this if you already have optware running, just execute:

$ ipkg install readline uclibc-opt

that will install the two added packages and get you up to date.

In fact if you do overwrite you’re old opt.bin with this one, you will lose everything you’ve installed. With optware everything is installed to /opt, which is opt.bin, so keep this in mind.

* installed prerequisite packages using ipkg, instead of manual installation.
* includes uClibc-opt (increases compatability of some ipkg apps, thanks brian zhou)
* includes readline

* added /opt/sbin

* initial public release

You can download it from the Optware for WDTV page.

Now maybe i’ll get on translating all the arch independant perl & python libs like I said I would…