WDLXTV – enhanced WDTV firmware 0.1

WDLXTV is a souped up unofficial firmware for the Western Digital WDTV. It is based off of the 1.01.02 firmware, but with many extra features. Similar to my dvdmod firmware, this is a permanent flash, just like an official upgrade. This firmware is an option for those whos hardware is stable with Zoranders ext3-boot, or those who don’t do much firmware programming to take advantage of ext3-boot. Once again, ext3-boot is for (sorta) pro’s and testers whereas WDLXTV is for everyday use.

Features included in WDLXTV:

  • external dvd drive capability with cd-manager-0.7
  • ext2 & ext3 filesystem support
  • ext2 & ext3 hotplugging
  • mounting of WDTV Optware package (if available) at boot
  • mounting of app bin packs (if available) at boot
  • mounting of OSD overlay (if available) at boot
  • limited USB Ethernet support (if your ethernet adapter works in ext3-boot it should work here)
  • IP via DHCP (by default, configurable)
  • Telnet server
  • pure-ftp server
  • configurable to automount NFS shares

Much thanks to Zorander whose great efforts into ext3-boot have helped immensely.

NOTE: I am not responsible for anything crazy that might happen during the process of flashing this firmware. Nothing should go wrong and everything should work accordingly, BUT if it does…

HFS/Apple Users Note: Adding all of this functionality was a squeeze in the limited space available. There is 13KB left on the internal flash. As a result of this and wanting to pack as much punch in as possible I removed one binary: fsck_hfs. Bad, I know, but I don’t use hfs drives and have replaced it with a simple script that returns…so maybe if its called by the system at boot for whatever reason and it triggers my script not sure what it will do, probably nothing really. I haven’t ever seen fsck called by the system. Sorry HFS users, report to me if you notice any adverse behaviour. You may download the app.bin to fix this here.

To flash this firmware:

  • Place it on a memory stick along with wdtv.ver and insert it into your WDTV.
  • When asked if you want to upgrade your firmware, say yes.
  • The WDTV will reboot and after several minutes the whole flashing process will complete and reboot again.
  • Upon successful flash you will see WDLXTV in the about screen of system settings.
  • The firmware no longer needs to be on anything attached to the wdtv.

Without a usb ethernet cable connected the firmware will appear no different than dvdmod, but if you attach a supported usb ethernet adapter the possibilities grow. You can telnet in and configure an NFS share to automount if available at boot. There is no Samba or exported file shares, these took up too much precious space and can easily be assembled into an app.bin pack. There is a pure-ftp server running though should you need to transfer to the WDTV. There is also the ability to load the Optware for WDTV package that I assembled and have access to many additional programs instantly. If there is an opt.bin located on any boot device it will be mounted in /opt and all internal configuration will be adjusted. Optware provides only additional functionality, the WDTV will act completely self sufficient without it. In addition special app.bin packs, if located on any boot device will be loaded. Currently there is one that comes with lighttpd, an http server, along with php and a gui to configure settings on the WDTV.

In addition if there are any app.bin packs, containing self sufficient application packages, on a boot drive they will be loaded similarly to Optware. There is a good Webserver release that allows you to configure internal settings on the WDTV from a web gui. It is highly recommended. Just like app.bin packs, OSD overlays are possible as well…this is for future development. If you find you don’t like the firmware you can downgrade to an official version using instructions found at the wdtv firmware hacking wiki.


  • DO NOT remove any drive containing opt.bin, osd.bin, or app.bin files as it will cause the system to become unstable

  • Media Library MUST be ON.
  • DVD’s, NFS shares, and ext2/ext3 drives are only visible in Folder View.
  • To see ext2/ext3/NFS/dvd mounts you must have an officially supported (fat, ntfs, hfs, hfs+) drive attached.
  • net.config is a file to set custom network settings, it will override default settings inside the WDTV.
  • net.mounts are where you can place NFS shares that you would like loaded at boot.
  • more notes to come probably…

Go to the WDLXTV firmware page for the latest release.

*** WDLXTV 0.1 ***

Don’t forget to check out the WDTV HD player unofficial firmware wiki.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time getting cd-manager working and hacking around in the WDTV firmware, so if you appreciate my efforts please donate something using the link below : ) Thanks & enjoy.

March 22nd, 2009 00:20

you should also update wiki ;)

try strip all binaries and probably check UPXfor MIPS and decrease binary size nice mod I am also working on something like this but with other features primary orriented for win32users and RSdownloading and NFS playback and simple webgui for adding files to que.

< << edit: will do lots of stuff little time : ) I did strip a few and didn't gain much, WD didn't leave very much to work with. You should try to make stuff app.bin plugins so it'll work on this or ext3-boot, will be cool when theres more of those. I can give you pointers if you want. --b-rad >>>

March 22nd, 2009 13:09

the readme in the package talks about modifying wdtv.bin. Should be modifying wdtv.ver.
Not much of a problem, just FYI ;-)
At the moment I don’t need DVD, EXT2 or network support, but for the day that I do: thanks for your work and your sharing!

March 23rd, 2009 07:49

Thats pretty cool mod however I was wondering if you could help a newbie out.

I have a Synology DS-207+ which I have enabled NFS support on and a shared folder called video.

I have the WDTV running your firmware with a Wii USB to ethernet adapter plugged in it but I cannot see the network shares.

According to the synology interface/nfs privileges the mount path is /volume1/video & I set the hostname to wdtv with read&write access.

But when I set the xmount video nfs nothing shows ?

Any pointers as to where I’m going wrong thanks.

<<< edit: do you have /etc/exports on your synology set to allow your wdtv to connect? Executed on the wdtv, does ‘showmount -e′ show your exported share? Go for more detailed support. –b-rad >>>

March 23rd, 2009 15:39

Can someone please post directions on how to downgrade the firmware to WDTV default? The wiki website is down. Thanks.

<<< edit: unzip an official firmware release, open wdtv.ver and change version to 1.10, insert into wdtv & should ask if you want to upgrade. –b-rad >>>

March 23rd, 2009 23:20

I’ve upgraded from 0.8.6 to your firmware. Using 0.8.6 the nfs works fine. after upgrading, it seems good, but my share folder is empty.

Anything I need to configure before hand? I did configure the net.mounts and net.config.

<<< edit: upload /tmp/messages.log from a few boots somewhere and post them in the firmware development thread at AVSforums. –b-rad >>>

March 24th, 2009 03:51

Hello, thanks for answering my question about downgrading to the old version.

I have one more question and request.

Is there anyway to trick the WD TV into thinking that there is a storage drive attached so that I don’t have to have a drive plugged in to see my video folders?

<<< edit: don’t think so. –b-rad >>>

Also, is there anyway that you can upload your files somewhere in addition to Rapidshare, such as Mediafire or Sendspace? Rapidshare only lets me download one file and then makes me wait 15 minutes, it gets tedious trying to download all the nice packages that you have put together. I don’t use rapidshare enough to justify the membership fee and I’m sure a lot of others feel the same way.

Thanks for the consideration and help.

<<< edit: mediafire freezes my browser, maybe i’ll look into elsewhere but rs is very easy for me. –b-rad >>>