porting Optware to the wdtv

After being pointed to a feed for the wdtv at nslu2-linux.org by an avsforums member I set out to fully porting it to the wdtv. Didn’t require much on my part except assembling a few key prerequisite packages and patching several files in ipkg.

/opt/etc/ipkg.conf was changed to contain:

### wdtv optware feed ###
src/gz wdtv http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optware/wdtv/cross/unstable/
dest root /

#option verbose-wget
# Proxy support:
#option http_proxy http://localhost:5865
#option ftp_proxy http://proxy.tld:3128
#option proxy_username
#option proxy_password

/opt/bin/update-alternatives needed:


changed to:


After the patching a few things were required to make things go smoothly. prerequisite packages that come preinstalled are:

  • bash

  • bzip2
  • gettext
  • ipkg-opt [ obviously: ) ]
  • libnsl

libnsl is not necessary, but perl depends on it without listing it as a dependency so I’ve included it to keep anyone from going crazy. libnsl_0.9.28-4_mipsel.ipk also required patching to create a symlink in /opt/lib from:

libnsl.so.0 -> libnsl-0.9.28.so

Easy as Π

I’ve installed and tested perl & python and they work plus strace, tcpdump, : D…just not that not many python/perl programs will work without additional libraries & modules that are not provided by optwares wdtv feed.
My next task is converting all of the architecture independent perl & python modules to ipk to rectify this, I’ll whip up a script to do it soon…

optware for the wdtv

June 24th, 2010 22:09

Hi. Thanks for the optware package. I want to ask if it is possible to compile cccam from nsl2u for wdtv and list it in the feed mentioned below?

Thanks in advance.

<<< edit: I have nothing to do with the Optware feed and what binaries it includes. –b-rad >>>