WDLXTV – enhanced WDTV firmware 0.4.2

WDLXTV is a souped up unofficial firmware for the Western Digital WDTV. It is based off the 1.02.00 firmware, but with many extra features. Similar to my dvdmod firmware, this is a permanent flash, just like an official upgrade. There is no Linux knowledge required to use WDLXTV.

* fixed OSD sluggishness
* corrected freezing setup->about screen

* all OSD images are back to original size
* once again removed fsck_hfs for the space (download core-extras.app.bin)
* OSD tweaks (filename listings are much wider)

You may find the latest release at the WDLXTV page.

** WDLXTV-0.4.2 **

Don’t forget to check out the WDTV HD player unofficial firmware wiki.

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time hacking the WDTV firmware, so if you appreciate my efforts please donate a little something using the link below : ) Thanks & enjoy.

April 8th, 2009 12:31


thanks for the firmware , got my apple lan adpter to work now , only bigger mkv files wont play and they are named as movie.m3u and wont play , but samller mkv releases like CTU scene recording for example play fine so does xid and the rest only big mkv files wont , strange i use tversity , since i dont have good luck with setting up an nsf :(

any ideas?


<<< edit: no idea really. Go to wdtvforum for general support about NFS and other stuff, might be able to get help there. –b-rad >>>

April 8th, 2009 19:26

Re: Tried to flash my WDTV with WDLXTV-0.4.2 & now locked up

b-rad.cc – THANKS! That worked. I first reformatted my usb flash drive to FAT16 as you suggested (it already was formatted in FAT but I did it anyway to clean things up). I then put just wdtv.bin & wdtv.ver files on the newly formatted USB drive and started the re-flash over from a power down (by pulling the power plug since the unit would not respond to the remote commands). Sure enough it re-flashed the WDTV unit to the WDLXTV firmware as easily as the WD corporate version. I am not sure what went wrong the first time. I suspect the problem may have been the fact that I unpacked the zip files on the flash drive. Although the wdtv.bin & wdtv.ver files were the only files in the root directory it is possible the other folders threw things off. When I upgraded the firmware a few weeks back to the corporate WD code the reflash worked even though folders were on the usb flash drive.

So… now I have the “wood paneling” background, the new screen saver and the “about” page shows the WDLXTV version I am still not getting an IP address. I am using a Rocketfish USB/Ethernet adaptor that is intended for the wii. I am guessing that this may be my problem. I will see if I can snag another USB/Ethernet converter to ss if that is the problem.

< << edit: ethernet adapters must be connected at boot to work. --b-rad >>>

Question(s) – once I have a recognized connection with an ip address will I be able to keep an external USB hard drive (1.5TB) attached directly to the unit for playing HD files and keep another external drive (1.0TB) back at the PC for music and other less band width intensive files like .avi? Will the drive that is attached directly to the WDTV unit be accessible via my home LAN and PC for file maintenance (sorting, deleting, etc). I know it this a lot of questions but I am the test monkey for a few friends that also plan to try your upgrade. PC setup is a DELL XPS running Vista, Netgear router and the Rocketfish adaptor (which may be changed).

<<< edit: short answer: yes, for further details about how see and ask at wdtvforum –b-rad >>>