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Sorry for the downtime today…I migrated to a new server and didn’t notice a few snags, but everythings back up & should be much faster now…theres even 2 new firmware versions to play with.

In other related news I’ve gone through the site and updated links to all old versions of my firmwares. This means that if a specific version worked best for you, or if the latest version has a bug or two, then you can easily go back to a previous version. This also allows endusers out there (like you!) to help me debug things. If you notice a bug pop up, and believe it was not there in an earlier version, then determine where&when your bug was not there and post this information at wdtvforum. With your help I can eliminate any stray bugs from WDLXTV and DVDMOD.


April 17th, 2009 03:05

Thanks very very much for your hard working.
I think you effort really benifit the community a lot.

There is a small pity, the zip file of the firmware has been deleted by, do you mind send the latest ( to my gmail ?

Thanks in advance


< << edit: You're welcome. If you mean dvdmod, then the firmware link is valid...I just clicked it. --b-rad >>>

April 17th, 2009 04:52

This is cool. I just bought my WDTV, and i will surely try this out.

Can pdf be supported in the later version, so that we can turn this thing into a reader.


<<< edit: doubt it, ask western digital. –b-rad >>>

April 19th, 2009 03:58

As all the others, I want to thank you so much.

I was already annoyed with frequently unplugging/replugging my USB stick to add more media…

That is over now:
I installed your WDLXTV 0.4.4 firmware, bought & installed a cheap Sitecom LN-030 USB ethernet adapter.
It was truly plug&play -> now I can leave my USB stick plugged and ftp my new media over…

When are you planning to integrate the new firmware 1.02.06 ?


<<< edit: I had a 1.02.06 version released within 10min of them posting it ;) I just went out of town 20min after that and didn’t have time to publish it here. It was available if you knew where to look. –b-rad >>>

April 24th, 2009 00:12

What you think about – make activ the 3. USB-Port. i read someone make this and solded a USBconector on the free USB-space
Is the software able to handling this

have you test this one Time?
Ps. i spend a smal money by paypal for

MfG Udo

<<< edit: Thanks for the donation :D As evidenced in this wdtvforum thread, its probably a kernel issue having more than 2 onboard ports connected. –b-rad >>>