WDLXTV App pack: ndas.app.bin-0.3.1

NDAS(Network Direct Attached Storage) is Ximeta’s patented technology which enables all digital storage devices(HDD, ODD, Memory, Tape Drives) direct connection into standard Ethernet networks. All users or systems on the network can directly control, use and share those devices.

This app.bin pack provides the drivers necessary to access Ximeta’s proprietary NDAS device[s]. A configuration file is provided to handle automagic mounting at boot. Much thanks to Sarantos (sda_gr) for sponsoring this addition and helping out with the debugging (half way around the planet)

Simply unzip ndas.app.bin.zip, then place ndas.app.bin and ndas.config onto a harddrive/flashdisk & boot your WDTV with the device connected. You will now have any NDAS devices which are listed in ndas.config mounted and available to you. The pack is currently based on the 1-1.15 driver.


# IF THERE IS AN ndas.conf LOCATED ON THE DEVICE WITH ndas.app.bin
# format is as follows
# X = 0 - 7
# modes are:
# r - read-only
# w - read/write
# s - GFS
# for example
# this would initialize two NDAS's
# one in write mode the other read-only

Note the above ndas.config file. You may list up to 8 NDAS devices in this file. They are named like such: NDAS0, NDAS1, …, NDAS7. Also note that the write mode is mandatory for each NDAS device listed.

For persistent settings you may copy ndas.config to /conf and delete it from the device containing the app.bin.


  • The system will become unstable if you remove the device containing the app.bin while the wdtv is on.

** ndas.app.bin 0.3.1 **

May 6th, 2009 05:08

is it possible to connect a MyBook World edition to one of the usb ports of the WD TV ?


<<< edit: I don’t know, buy me one & I’ll tell you ;) –b-rad >>>

May 6th, 2009 11:02

As I understand, right now with your app the WDTV can access only other over ethernet connected USB drives/NAS.
Can this app also, or maybe in future, share r/w a WDTV connected Usb drive to the PC ?

< << edit: Having the WDTV act as an NDAS device? No, but if you download and use the samba.app.bin pack it will expose your wdtv's mounted devices for mounting from a windows computer. --b-rad >>>

May 21st, 2009 08:47

I’m trying to see the purpose of this addon. Will it allow me to send files to my Ximeta NDAS device over the network and then connect to it over USB to the WD?? Do I have to always be swapping cables around to accomplish that or can I have both USB and network cable attached to the drive at the same time?? Thanks for your work here!

<<< edit: Use a powered hub to connect your network adapter through. This pack will allow you to stream from your NDAS devices and copy to them as well if you set them to writeable. –b-rad >>>

May 25th, 2009 14:42

I installed it as instructed but it did not work. I place my own Ximeta Netdisk key on the ndas.conf but I still cannot access the drive. Am I suppose to see the NDAS as a folder?

<<< edit: Yes, it should appear as a folder. Try wdtvforum for help, people there have gotten it to work. –b-rad >>>

June 15th, 2009 12:55

I have a ndas cover including two disks.
These two HD are currently aggregated.
The problem is that i am not able to connect them to the WDTV. my second “single disk” cover is working perfect.

<<< edit: try wdtvforum for general help, people there have gotten this to work various ways. –b-rad >>>

June 16th, 2009 03:57


do you know if also twin-HDD Cases are supported ?
It seems to be a little bit different chip compared to the single HDD Case.

Thank you.

<<< edit: no clue, but you’re welcome to try it out and tell me…or buy me one and I’ll tell you ;) –b-rad >>>

June 22nd, 2009 02:14

Does this App work on Ext3-boot firmware? Unfortunately I can’t get it to work with your firmware!

<<< edit: No idea really. It was designed for wdlxtv, but it should work the same on both. –b-rad >>>

[...] Descarga | Web [...]

[...] Ximeta NDAS device support (requires ndas app pack) [...]

[...] Ximeta NDAS device support (requires ndas app pack) [...]

Alex Cerv
September 11th, 2009 12:24

sorry…wrong mail
Hi guys, can i connect my WDTV with hard disk connected on Usb1 via usb cable on Usb2 to my computer running Win XP to copy files directly on Hard disk? When i do this windows ask me a driver; it exists? Thanks for help

<<< edit: might be possible with usbnet drivers, but how you’d go about it is unknown to me. –b-rad >>>

September 18th, 2009 18:43

Will this app work with a Linksys NSLU2 NAS?

<<< edit: nslu2 is not a ximeta NDAS device. Get NFS working on your slug and go that route, I stream 1080p mkv’s from an nslu2. –b-rad >>>

[...] Ximeta NDAS device support (requires ndas app pack) [...]

December 18th, 2009 04:01


is there any chance to get NDAS running on WDTV live in future?


January 23rd, 2010 02:37


i use an NDAS EH-LC-PRO-35BN, but the apps not work.
How can i use the NDAS?


February 4th, 2010 22:32

would be possible to run NDAS pack on WDLXTV-Live?

<<< edit: Not this pack, because it is written for the wdtv G1. –b-rad >>>

April 29th, 2010 09:18

Is there any way to upgrade to the current Ximeta’s 1.1-24 driver? Thanks for the great work!

May 28th, 2010 01:00

Is the NDAS write key not needed to mount in write mode ?
And is NTFS a possible filesystem for this usage ?
Next week i will get my WDTV G1, D-Link 140 WLAN :-)
I’m a totally noob in Linux or programming and hope it will work fine.

June 5th, 2010 08:30

I own a Patriot Box Office, and was hoping that perhaps the BIN file could be “disassembled” so that I may tinker with it to see if it can possibly work with my PBO (it runs Busybox 1.1.3 with a HDD attached).

<<< edit: No offense, but if you can’t figure out how to unpack the app.bin then patching firmware is probably beyond your limits. Refer to forum.wdlxtv.com for support on how to & guides, or buy me a patriot box office ;) –b-rad >>>

June 6th, 2010 11:31

It works awesome !

T H A N K S B-RAD !!!
Will donate you for that nice work.

After some problems I found out that it does not work with my IOCell 351UNE with Samsung HD103UJ 1TB HDD.
With my Samsung HD501LJ 500GB HDD it works perfectly.

Time for an update of the NDAS driver in the app ?

Regards Simon

<<< edit: Driver is linked to kernel version. If you’d like to compile a new driver and forwarded it to me I’ll definitely update the package, but since I don’t own any NDAS devices I don’t really work on this bit. Refer to forum.wdlxtv.com for information and to post anything you update. –b-rad >>>

June 19th, 2010 07:16

No offense taken. The problem is that the “./” command to execute ndas.app.bin on my PBO yields this response:

./ndas. app.bin: ./ndas. app.bin: 7: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

I have no idea how to work around/through that, which is I requested a disassembled file.

<<< edit: it’s not an executable, its a cramfs filesystem image :-) I doubt it will run as is because pbo is realtek chipset, right? –b-rad >>>