WDLXTV – enhanced WDTV firmware 0.5.5

WDLXTV is a souped up unofficial firmware for the Western Digital WDTV. It is based off the 1.02.10 firmware, but with many extra features. Similar to my dvdmod firmware, this is a permanent flash, just like an official upgrade. There is no Linux knowledge required to use WDLXTV.

I’m back from a long vacation in Africa and finally caught up with things. Theres some good changes included in this version :-D

* based on firmware 1.02.10
* fixed (finally) optical drive functionality
* USB Hub support for more than one device per slot
* LaurentG's mount.watch to allow disabling of Media Library :-)
* LaurentG's additional thumb browse views
* LaurentG's other assorted patches
* changed selector of thumb views (look at S00custom-options for examples)
* 32 (real) loopback devices now (thx disco)
* techflaws corrected deutsch translation
* NFS & pure-ftp server removed due to size constraints

Thanks to LaurentG for providing some patches and mods and thanks to techflaws for the corrected Deutsch translation. If you feel you have something you’d like to contribute or would like to submit a patch, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Western Digital’s official firmwares are growing in size considerably lately, coming within 800KB of filling the entire flash possible. This means that there is a lot less room for me to play around with now…so unfortunately NFS modules and the pure-ftp server got cut, but don’t worry, I’ve made app.bin packs for both. If you desire the ftp server or you use NFS shares then you’ll just need to browse to the app section and download the new packs. I’ve linked to them directly on the main WDLXTV page.

You may find the latest release at the WDLXTV page.

** WDLXTV-0.5.5 **

Post any bugs you come across at wdtvforum in the WDLXTV-0.5.X thread. Don’t forget to check out the WDTV HD player unofficial firmware wiki.

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time hacking the WDTV firmware, so if you appreciate my efforts please donate a little something using the link below : ) Thanks & enjoy.

June 25th, 2009 07:45

firmware 0.5.5 (and I think this was true of 1.02.10 of WD firmware) stopped my FF,WW and Stop functions on my remote control.

<<< edit: dunno what could cause that, perhaps try and reflash? –b-rad >>>

June 25th, 2009 08:44

pure-ftp server removed ?

Do this mean I can no longer using FTP to tranfer files from PC to WDTV?

<<< edit: you can with the pure-ftpd app.bin. –b-rad >>>

June 25th, 2009 08:55

I think Nfs and FTP server are core functions and should still be included in the firmware. There are lot of other unimportant functions which should be moved as external app bins. I wish you can make such change in your next version.

<<< edit: I think so too, unfortunately there is a finite amount of space on the internal ROM and the official firmwares are growing very large lately. I’m working on a solution. –b-rad >>>

June 25th, 2009 09:54

After updating to 0.5.5 the remote no longer responds after you select a video. The file plays, but the info crawl on the bottom doesn’t appear like it used to, and the remote is totally unresponsive until the WDTV is rebooted.

<<< edit: try and reflash the firmware. –b-rad >>>

June 25th, 2009 12:27

Font size patch, is not? :( anyway thanks!

<<< edit: ??? is not what? –b-rad >>>

June 26th, 2009 05:23

For anyone having difficulty getting NFS to work with WDLXTV — I’ve found that FreeNas which is a lightweight FreeBSD distribution (http://freenas.org) has excellent support for NFS. I’m currently running FreeNAS as a VM inside my Windows box and it is running smoothly.

June 26th, 2009 07:38

Just wanted to say awesome work, read about the firmware update and purchased a wdtv as a result of it.

Is there any way to display more than 8 items in list view?

<<< edit: Thanks :-) I believe when I was experimenting I found 8 was the most, hence why its the most I offer. –b-rad >>>

June 26th, 2009 11:51

Hi b-rad, is it still to mount nfs via usbnetwork without having another ext usb device?

<<< edit: :-( unfortunately no, because WD’s binaries have made the firmware too large…I am working on a possible solution to this dilemma though. –b-rad >>>

June 28th, 2009 22:59

Hey, you guys are doing some awsome work!!
If you need a NL (Dutch) translation let me know!

<<< edit: find a way to contact me via the donate button and i’ll send you a file that you can translate and send to me. I’ll then compile it for use in wdlxtv and publish it for other dutch folk to enjoy. -b-rad >>>

June 29th, 2009 07:27

I am having a problem with this version. After a movie plays and I try to play another movie it goes to a black screen like it is going to play but nothing happens. I am able to go back to the folders and see all the files but it will not play a movie until I cold boot the unit.

<<< edit: try and reflash the firmware and see if that fixes it. –b-rad >>>

June 29th, 2009 22:17

B-rad Hi,
I would like to add hebrew support to the WDTV. Where can i get the code so i will be able to make modifications?

<<< edit: find a way to contact me via the donate button and i’ll send you a file that you can translate and send to me. I’ll then compile it for use in wdlxtv and publish it for other hebrew folk to enjoy. -b-rad >>>

June 30th, 2009 04:09

Hello b-rad :)
I have a problem with the ALL VIDEOS overview. WD actually shows me only the latest HDD on my 4 port USB Hub. I use a USB Hub-Stick at the usb port on the back from WD HD Player.
In the FOLDER menu the WD shows me my 3 HDDs and i can choose one. But i want to use the ALL VIDEOS overview for all my HDDs on the USB hub. I´m to stupid or ist it a bug? If it is a bug i will post it in the forum.

<<< edit: its not a bug its a ‘feature’ that wd enabled…they no longer accept multiple devices per slot so all you’ll see is the first connected. Folder view is where you must check for additional devices. –b-rad >>>

June 30th, 2009 11:38

Thx for the 0.5.5 update. I though have a problem. When i try to load external srt subtitles and the mkv has internal subs then WDTV show only the internal subs selections. This happens only when trying to load an mkv from DVD-Rom (Plextor PX-116A2). From HDD works like the official fw aka with no problem…Is there a solution for this? Are you going to fix this bug? Thx in advance

<<< edit: well known issue with optical drives. Nothing I can do. –b-rad >>>

July 1st, 2009 04:13

Hi Brad

firstly thank you

secondly there are big issues with your firmwares lately and playing files (i recently upgraded to 0.5.5 an issue got worse it seems)

basically when i play any video file, none of the controls work liek stop|pause|rw|ff

pressing return button returns you to folder menu but can still hear video playing in background

only solution to play another file is to unplug power and wait few mins for it to boot

using 0.5.5 with NFS bin
mounted NAS via NFS from local network (all worked fine before)
playing any video from NAS or USB cause this

i see other people are having this issue


<<< edit: this is a very weird problem that affects a very small minority of the thousands of wdlxtv users out there. I was briefly affected but have not seen the issue arise in a long time. I executed a series of resets using pin-reset and factory reset simultaneously…ymmv. –b-rad >>>

July 1st, 2009 08:21

Hmm ok

tried to reset to factory and nothing happened :( it rebooted back to 0.5.5 great :(

then installed the ext3 firmware from here http://wiki.wdtv.org/doku.php?id=wdtv_firmware_hacks edited the .ver file so its recognised as an update

an now its all working smoothly again, i can pause, forward rewind videos from my NAS (WDShareSpace) and all other functionality

ill keep testing but its working so far

so that leads me to believe there is some bug introduced recently into the wdlx firmware? maybe its the lack of resources you were writing about?

hope that helps debug or something


<<< edit: if this problem has popped back up again I’ll try and figure out why…but it affects very few people and not me at all, which makes it very hard to debug. –b-rad >>>

July 2nd, 2009 22:11

thank you for your job
This new firm support my LG DVDROM
(thank you)
but not support subtitle(smi… add tag smifile in ODD).
support sub(smi)
Thank you!!

July 3rd, 2009 00:40

thank you very much for this. howcome there’s no release for 1.02.08? Will it be ok if I use the 1.02.10 version and replace it with 1.02.10?

<<< edit: not sure what you’re asking here…I didn’t release a 1.02.08 because I was out of town and while I was working on it 1.02.10 came out. –b-rad >>>

July 4th, 2009 02:49

Help! I updated to the firmware 0.5.5 and it’s not working. The power light is on but can’t turn it on with remote. I tried unplugging the power and then plug power back the unit powers up with the WD logo on my tv for a few seconds then the tv screen goes black (power light remains on & Hard drive is on). Any advise?

<<< edit: download log-saver to the root of a device and boot your wdtv with said device connected. This will save logs which you can then post in the 0.5.X thread at wdtvforum. –b-rad >>>

July 5th, 2009 12:55

B-Rad thanks a lot for this new version! It really rox! (Donation coming soon…)
Despite the NFS, FTP as external apps that I thought it sucked at first, everything works like a charm (I also realized a slight improvement in NFS performance ~2-3mbits)

An issue I’m having is that WDTV doesn’t respond to remote’s Power Button after some time off (apparently sleep affects it). Power button works just fine if I power off the WDTV and turn it on in short time period.

I dunno if other applications like Appletrailers, LaurentG’s OSD mod, Optware, Disco’s Webserver and RSS/Weather app has any issue with your new firmware. Also discovered that cron doesnt’ work as intended through optware as before… Anyway, keep up the good work! We all love ya :P

<<< edit: thanks for the donation Marios :-D & cheers! Haven’t heard anyone mention the power button issue, I’ll see if i can reproduce it. Most apps should work fine with the latest wdlxtv, all thats been removed is the NFS modules & the ftp server. Wonder why Optware’s cron stopped working, I’ll try and look into that when I have time. –b-rad >>>

July 5th, 2009 19:28

Is no longer included in the 0.5.5 firmware, font size of the pack Rezmus?

Sorry for my english, i speak spanish :)

July 6th, 2009 04:24

what is the emergency-flash file? an empty file with this name or what? please help. my wdtv won’t boot. I only see the wd logo and that’s it.

<<< edit: have you tried log-saver? It will copy your system logs to the device that it exists on and you should be able to get some idea of whats wrong. If you do need to use emergency flash, emergency-wdtv.bin must be either an official WD firmware release or a wdlxtv firmware image, anything else can put your wdtv in a worse state than it already is. Good luck getting your wdtv back in order, if you need extra help wdtvforum is a good place to ask. –b-rad >>>

July 6th, 2009 20:03

Sorry for the typo ;p

I’m just wondering if will it be ok if I use your 1.02.10 version and replace the BIN file with 1.02.08 BIN so I can use your firmware with 1.02.08?

thanks for putting spice to WDTV. ;D

July 7th, 2009 21:09

The new firmware does great. However, the multiple devices doesn’t work with mine. I have a small, unpowered four port hub. I can plug the drives directly and they’re recognized. But when I try to use the hub, none of the drives are recognized. I let it run for several minutes, assuming it might need to aggregate all the data on three drives (2 x 1tb, 1 x 300gb). Should I wait longer or am I doing something wrong ?

<<< edit: new version coming soon ;-) –b-rad >>>

July 8th, 2009 03:20

Oh. The next would be a XBMC forked for this

WDMC! :)

July 11th, 2009 13:13

how can I back to the oryginal thumb views??
I changed size in file S00custom-options and now when I’m using aple trailers i cant see the film descriptions. Now I have only icons of trailers in that same size as in menu

<<< edit: I’ll check out the apple-trailers app and see if I can figure out the problem. –b-rad >>>

July 12th, 2009 13:55

Hey, if you have a second can you drop me an email? I just picked one of these up and was going to return it until I saw this blog. I’m curious as to whether there is possiblity of using the network support you’ve created to execture commands remotely via a web interface.

<<< edit: definitely possible. –b-rad >>>

July 15th, 2009 20:21

Hi, Do you know if anyone’s successfully used WDLXTV to stream video off a USB drive connected to an Airport Extreme base station? That would easily earn a donation from me (and hopefully WD will fix the MKV audio sync issue soon as well). Cheers

<<< edit: airport extreme basestation creates SAMBA shares, so yes download the samba.app.bin and you’re good to go. –b-rad >>>

July 21st, 2009 05:37

Hi brad,

Is there a way I can contact you directly?
I need some help with a embedded pc board running linux which I believe is similar to wdtv and I’d love to use some of your knowledge!

<<< edit: you can find a way to contact me via any donate button. I’m a busy guy though, so my times not free ;-) –b-rad >>>

July 23rd, 2009 14:43

Hi B-Rad,
Thanks for your awesome work.
I left a comment here yesterday, not sure if it got deleted.
I also made a post here – http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=16872719#post16872719

Essentially, I am having trouble playing anything from an external blu-ray rom/ dvd-writer combo drive.

I bought a lite-on internal Blu-ray drive with DVD-RW and have it connected to the WDTV.
This drive is a laptop-IDE burner enclosed in a generic enclosure. I have the USB cable running from the back of the enclosure to the WDTV on USB2 and an external hard-drive on the other port.

I am able to see the drive detected, and the m2ts files listed. But when I try playing them, I get no picture and no audio, just a blank screen and a message stating ‘No Audio channel’.

Even a normal DVD doesn’t play video or audio. I put in a movie dvd, and when I try playing the VOB file, it just shows a blank screen.

Any thoughts ?

<<< edit: dunno, plays all variety of media I’ve tried on my plextor…perhaps your drive is a bit incompatible or something. Have you tried other media formats? –b-rad >>>

Robert Wee
July 25th, 2009 08:47

Great software. However, I can’t FTP into it anymore. It says connection refused 10061. Has FTP being removed?

<<< edit: yes, look at Changelog then download pure-ftpd.app.bin –b-rad >>>

July 26th, 2009 03:06

Well great firmware. But is there any workaround for that bug: .mkv shows “this file is not able to fast forward” (or something similar) when watched over nfs share. Same file on a usb stick is able to rewind, ff and so on. So file seems to be ok. Any fix? Idea?

<<< edit: I can seek my mkv’s over NFS… –b-rad >>>

July 26th, 2009 16:41

Since upgrading to 0.5.5 I can no longer change ThumbView to ’8′ thumbs. I use larger image files and really like the larger thumbs when set to 8. In /conf/config both THUMBNUM and LISTNUM are set to 8 but I still get 12 thumbs?

Thanks for awesome work.

July 27th, 2009 18:44

Great release. I am now using Samba with my XP network to mount an NAS on the WDTV.

Wonder if anyone else has run into a problem with sound/video sync. Doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s Xvid or H.264, there’s a noticable lag. Happens about 90% of the time. Every once in awhile it’s perfect, but rarely.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

<<< edit: no sync issues for me, but I use NFS. –b-rad >>>

July 28th, 2009 22:50

hi B-rad!
I try again.
this firmware support to smi in odd
but korea subtitle not yet!
I want to support it(korean sub).
English sub is O.K
Thank You

July 30th, 2009 16:03

I’ve probably missed this somewhere; but have scoured the web for days, now…
I have multiple WDTVs in my home with 1 500GB, 2 1TB, and 1 1.5TB external HDDs. Is there any way to run all WDTVs (currently 2), simultaneously, off of a single dedicated tower (FreeNAS, perhaps?) in order to keep all my videos backed up in a single, easily accessed (and safe) location?

<<< edit: didn’t look hard enough ;-) Look up NFS and grab my nfs.app.bin –b-rad >>>

August 1st, 2009 06:04

About my problem I discovered that if I unplug the external 1TB HD (connected via NFS) from my PC the other connections seem to not cause problem to WDTV and all the remote controls work fine.

Probably the problem is in the large device connected making multimedial catalog on that device..

<<< edit: odd find indeed. –b-rad >>>

August 2nd, 2009 07:38

Hi B-rad,
Thanks for the great firmware.
Is it easy / possible to add netflix support?

<<< edit: almost anythings possible…doubt it would be anything close to easy. –b-rad >>>

August 4th, 2009 23:06

Thank you for your great work, I want to report one issue happened to me, when the thump drive attached to the WD TV it took 32 minutes to boot while if it is not attached it take less than a minutes which is also too long compared to the official version.

Thank you

<<< edit: if your booting is really taking 32min something awry is goin on…I’ve done some optimizations to the boot process and sped it up considerably, a new version of wdlxtv is coming soon. –b-rad >>>

August 6th, 2009 02:56

Hi b-rad,

love your custom firmware! Can you tell me some possible reasons, why I only see one harddisk of three connected to a USB hub? I tried it with two different hubs, one active, one passive. File systems are HFS+ (no journaling) and NTFS.

The USB hub-feature is very important for me. As soon as this works I wil definitely make a donation!


<<< edit: dunno, everything works for me…a new version is forthcoming within the hour, maybe it’ll fix you up. –b-rad >>>

August 7th, 2009 11:48

Thank you very much for your effort.
How do i make the wd hd read hebrew file name?

I read in the comment above that some one is working on that, when do you think that it will be out?

Thank you again

<<< edit: A Hebrew translation and hebrew glyph support is being worked on at the moment with someone. It is not trivial so will probably take some time. –b-rad >>>

August 9th, 2009 14:41


your firmware works great and I was able to make it work in my home network with Samba app pack (work fine with 720p movies).

What I’m missing is option for WDTV to scan mounted network drive and create /.wd_tv folder with it’s database.

Is there a way to manually initiate scanning and creating the database?


<<< edit: yes, stay tuned for another hour or so ;-) –b-rad >>>

August 10th, 2009 01:23

Still can not ff or search in files over network. Using Vista 64 and Truegrid NFS with this howto http://mrlazy.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/how-to-setup-wd-tv-with-nfs-using-truegrid/ and using Belkin Gigabit adaptor so everything should be find. But i am not able to ff or rw. I did a reflash too, ofcouse. Same file on a usb stick (ntfs) works fine… same on all mkv files. Divx files over network are stumbling. Any idea?

<<< edit: how about trying a different NFS package? I’m 100% nix here. –b-rad >>>

August 10th, 2009 04:25


Is there any way to speed up the firmware by killing some processes permanently like FTP or telnet (without using S00custom-options script) in case I do not want to use it since the main objective of using this firmware is the selectable thumb views.


August 12th, 2009 10:10

Hello. First of all, thanks a lot for your job!. I have an USB Hub and I tried it with the WD TV, but I can only see one of the pendrives/HDD plugged into it. In Windows, without an external supply, I can see all the USB plugged in the Hub (even one 2’5″ HDD and two pendrives). I’m not sure if the problem is power limitations of the WD TV or it’s a compatibility problem. Do you know if the mA máx. in the WD TV is 500mA or if that kind of problems could be solved in a future firmware?.

Thank you again from Spain.

<<< edit: A powered hub is always suggusted. –b-rad >>>

August 22nd, 2009 00:16

Thanks for such a great program. It really has changed wd tv experience. I am having an issue where my pictures are being displayed to large on the screen and some of the picture gets cut off. here is a screenshot


You’ll see that the left hand side of the coverart is cut off. The whole picture is bloated. Hoping someone can help. Cheers

<<< edit: overscan issues perhaps? –b-rad >>>

August 29th, 2009 09:50

Hey b-rad, as everyone else says. Great firmware! Do you this theres any way of adding a 5 or 10min skip ahead feature by using the directional arrows like in xbmc. Would help alot when your finishing a movie you were already at the end on but unplugged ur hdd and the resumes gone. Thanks

<<< edit: Have you ever tried pressing an arrow key while you’re FFW/RW’ing? That give you a 10min skip… ;-) –b-rad >>>

August 29th, 2009 10:11

Your the man :-)

Carlos Jorge
September 1st, 2009 02:20

Hi. Thanks for all your work in this project.

I have a problem, I’m using a external LG DVD by USB and when watching movies the movie freezes (many times on the same place, not always) but the WDTV continues to pass the time…

I tried different USB cables but its not that…

Best regards,
Carlos Jorge

<<< edit: no clue, I can play (and just did last night) 8GB 1080p movies on dual layer dvd-r’s without any problem. –b-rad >>>

Carlos Jorge
September 10th, 2009 01:35

Thanks anyway, but I got it working for now… The problem continued with, but I found a way…

By unpluging the power cable of the DVD and the WDTV just before I play the MKV, it works perfectly, but if I “awake” the WDTV from the stanby after some hours and try to play it from a DVD again, it hangs the film…

Don’t understand it, but it works just fine this way…

Best regards,
Carlos Jorge

September 28th, 2009 01:04

Hey b-rad, as a lot of people says. Great firmware! en my compliments! Because i’m no familiar with linux i’ve a problem to change the net.mounts document in the wdtv. Is the ftp module perhaps the solution to easy change it? I’ve tried the ftp but i can’t find the username and pw. My ftp program (flashftp) is asking for it and also firefox and explorer. The reason is that i’m working on the network streaming method. The wdtv has already an ip but i can’t see the shares. So i must setup automounting via the netmounts document i sink so. Can you give me some advise?.

<<< edit: user is root with no password. ftp would probably be easiest, ftp net.mounts to /conf –b-rad >>>

September 29th, 2009 01:50

I’ve also put the question in the webserver forum, forget that one from now on because it’s twice. So, just put my wdtv on and connect the webserver bin. It works fine. I have the field shares and possibility to make a choice betwen sifs and nfs. When i put the ip in nfs and the sharename, wich is /Muziek i get the warning Mounting failed,
probably because of a bad share name!
Atention! You must not share the same share twice! When i go via ftp to /conf and put the net.mounts and boot afther that i can’t see the folder in the folder vieuw. This is the net.mounts:
xmount Muziek nfs Do you have any idee what’s wrong? Thanks man for your comment!!!

<<< edit: if you’re using windows and just sharing a directory the protocol is cifs. If the share name is /Muziek (on the server) then you need to switch nfsroot and Muziek. If you can telnet in, then execute the commands manually until you find what works. –b-rad >>>

September 30th, 2009 08:11

Thanks, this works fine!!
xmount // Muziekleo cifs
xmount // Fotoosleo cifs
xmount // Filmsleo cifs
Network via homeplug 85mb, musik and fotoos fine. Films slowly. Is anyhow nfs possible in this configuration (3 x xp-pro and wdtv)? Nfs seems to be faster isn’t it?, thanks for your comment!!

October 3rd, 2009 00:57

Is it possible to put the samba.app.bin somewere on the wdtv? I use it on a usb-stick so i’ve just one free and that one is for the usb-ethernet stick. Thanks for your comment!

April 11th, 2010 19:52

b rad,

Thanks for all the work you do! Seems it takes quite a bit of time away from you that you could be hitting the trails in the mountains! I was wondering if you know of anyway I could get the Trendnet TEW-644UB to work with WDTV (w/WDLXTV)? I’m a noob, so dumb it down for me please!

Thank you so much,


<<< edit: I got in over 1 million metres of descent last year ;) It would be nice if that was 2 million, but I think I do alright :D Go to the homebrew forums, someone might be able to help. –b-rad >>>

June 26th, 2010 02:58

your firmware did not fix my movie playing bugs. fast forwarding issues. sound stuttering issues. forwarding to the middle and the sound dis pears. & none of these problems happen on a PC. I spouse this is not suppose to fix the bugs right.I did put you firmware on there & I didn’t like the extreme firmware.I did not notice the difference. all the specs I could not get to work.so I put back the original.well if you would like to fix a couple of issues I’m having in your next firmware. one thing I like you to fix is Codec, is there anyway you can change the codec. some how clone K lite codec pack computer version for the wdtvlive. computer codec works wonderful.& I would love to take computer codec and put it on the wd tv live. Netflix is the other one I like to see B-rad improve. let show wd tv that they are not in charge of this country

October 9th, 2011 01:22

does it support Hebrew SRTs ?