WDLXTV App pack: nfs.app.bin-0.3 **updated**

Heres another app.bin pack for use in WDLXTV, my custom WDTV firmware. The following pack contains the NFS functionality that was necessarily removed from WDLXTV-0.5.5+ for space. If you used NFS (the preferred network streaming method) with WDLXTV in previous versions then you will need this.

Simply download nfs.app.bin, place it on a harddrive/flashdisk & boot your WDTV with the device connected.

In the next version of this app.bin I will include the binaries & libs necessary to enable exporting of NFS shares…which will allow you then to mount one WDTV on another ;)

Exporting of NFS shares is now possible!!! It is disabled by default, since not everyone needs it, but if you do:

# config_tool -c NFSD='ON'

Enables the NFS server. After that you’ll need an exports file located either in /conf (for persistence) or along with nfs.app.bin on the root of an attached device. Heres the contents of a sample exports file:


What this means is I’m exporting /tmp/media/usb/USB1/49CE-E55E to as a asynchronous writeable share.

To find more about exports, google nfs exports or check here or here.

Note: you cannot export /tmp/media/usb directly, you must export device paths seperately.

** nfs.app.bin-0.3 **

June 24th, 2009 09:40

Hi b-rad

I’ve just flashed to 0.5.5, added NFS and FTP apps, but they don’t mount at boot…

(samba and dropbear apps still mount fine).

Thanks in advance :)

June 24th, 2009 09:41

Here’s what I get in /tmp/messages.txt :

Dec 31 16:00:58 WDTV_salon user.notice root: nfs app found
Dec 31 16:00:58 WDTV_salon user.notice root: Mounting /tmp/mnt/sda1/nfs.app.bin at /apps/nfs
Dec 31 16:00:58 WDTV_salon user.info kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
Dec 31 16:00:58 WDTV_salon user.info kernel: loop2: rw=0, want=68, limit=26
Dec 31 16:00:58 WDTV_salon user.info kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device

June 24th, 2009 10:45

You can delete my previous comments, I’ve used wget and not slimrat to download the files…

Sorry :(

June 24th, 2009 21:19

How can I add mplayer and rmvb support ? Would that be coming ? I really need rmvb support , I am willing to add that myself , Can you provide some guide line ? I will give it a try

<<< edit: it’d require more than a simple guideline. –b-rad >>>

June 25th, 2009 13:40

Works out of the box.
Big improvement
Good job!

June 26th, 2009 11:50

Hi b-rad, thanks for the fantastic work.

I use NFS to mount an exported share from OSX Leopard and would love to do it without attaching an external HD/usb ram.

Is it still possible to do so with 5.5? or I’ll need to go back to the previous version to enjoy the awesomeness of no ext usb :)


<<< edit: WD’s official firmwares are growing quite large and so the very large NFS libraries & modules had to be cut, its very unfortunate I know. I’m working on a way to reenable the functionality. –b-rad >>>

June 26th, 2009 15:18

Has anyone noticed the File Sizes reported by NFS mounts are incorrect when compared to the SMB mounted files. ie.
I have an SMB mounted share HDTV-SMB and HDTV-NFS mapped to the same folder however all the videos are completely different sizes..

Movie1.m2ts under SMB is 26 GB
Movie1.m2ts under NFS is 2.3 GB and only plays for 12 minutes.

SMB plays the correct duration but is too slow and gives choppy results for 1080p signals.

if i do an Ls -al of the files /tmp/media/usb/share/ under a telnet session:
NFS reports : 2381160192
SMB reports : 28150963968

<<< edit: I haven’t noticed this and noone else has pointed it out, I’ll look into it soon. cheers. –b-rad >>>

June 29th, 2009 16:01

I installed your great firmware the newest one, and i would like to install some of your mod/app it tells me to telnet/ssh , and iv also been told to copy to root drie with a ver file. Which i assume is the ver file from your current firmware? it does not update , well i dont think it does how do i tell and am i doing it correctly . Thank you for your time. :)

<<< edit: app.bins are like plug ins, if they exist on the root of a device at boot, then they’ll be loaded and you’ll have the functionality they contain. if you telnet in you can tell which are loaded by ls’ing /apps. –b-rad >>>

[...] NFS plugin, agar bisa terkoneksi ke shared NFS dari media server (saya tidak memilih samba karena relatif berat dan lambat) [...]

[...] configurable to automount NFS shares (requires nfs app pack) [...]

July 15th, 2009 08:27

I want to nfs export my HDD connected to WDTV. I am unable to edit /etc/exports to achieve this (this is a read only file system). Is there a workaround?

<<< edit: been working on this, but getting strange errors…download the new nfs.app.bin I’m about to post and see if you can get it to work…if you do forward me your findings. –b-rad >>>

July 17th, 2009 03:24

Hi B-RAD, Thanks for the WDLXTV and all the app.bin. I am trying to export my hard disk attached to WDTV as a NFS share. I am unable to do that as /etc/exports file is read only. Is there a workaround for this?

<<< edit: i’ve tried getting this to work last week or so, but something is amiss. If you inspect the new nfs.app.bin i’m about to post you might be able to get it working by something I’m missing…if you do be sure to forward me your findings. –b-rad >>>

August 2nd, 2009 11:25

I installed your great firmware version 0.5.5 and in my root directory i have ftp+wireless+nas i have got an ip and i can access my wdtv through telnet and ftp but i can’t see any movies from my computer.
what should i do?

<<< edit: Watch them on your tv? –b-rad >>>

August 4th, 2009 12:08

Hello ,
I am a newbie and i just install your alternative firmware. I need to install the nfs.app.bin to read by nfs. I put the nfs.app.bin on my flashdisk and nothing appends when I put it on wd. Why does it not install?

<<< edit: you’ll know if its loaded if /apps/nfs exists. If its loaded you’ll have to set up your net.mounts file to mount nfs shares. –b-rad >>>

August 5th, 2009 00:30

Stupid Question maybe: I use ur latest firmware with this app.bin on my usb stick to mount my nfs shares. To tell the wdtv what to mount i used the webinterface (http://wiki.wdtv.org/doku.php?id=wdtv_web_interface&DokuWiki=b024a76ac54c27d0e2e99a9c58679daf). It worked just fine, but i now have to do it every time i restarted the wdtv. Is there any way to get the wdtv to remember my mount settings and automount them on startup?

<<< edit: copy your net.mounts file to /conf and it’ll be persistent. –b-rad >>>

August 5th, 2009 11:03

ok i played around some more with the net.mounts file in /conf and tried to mount the following:
1xnfs share (nas)
3x Cif shares (windows7 pc, 2 shares on the same drive, 1 share on another drive

It all works fine as long as i dont enter the cif 3rd share:
as soon as i enter that share nothing gets mounted on boot, as soon as i delete that cif line from the net.mounts the 3 other shares get mounted just fine. If anyone else has had such a problem and found the solution please share it.
There are no errors in the messages.txt, the cif share that makes problems has exactly the same settings as the other 2 which work fine.

<<< edit: without seeing your net.mounts I have no clue. –b-rad >>>

August 5th, 2009 11:22

Hi b-rad,

I’am trying to install the app.bins but it’s unpossible.
I ls’ing/apps but: lsing not found.
The apps is on the root of usb key. But I’ve installed new frimware first.
Should I put the apps at the same times than installing the firmaware or is ok if I try to install the apps in a second step?

Thanks for your help!

<<< edit: the command is >>> ls < << --b-rad >>>

August 12th, 2009 00:41

I’m also having problems with nfs.app.bin

I’m using WDLXTV and successfully get an IP address but when I try to mount NFS shares I get

modprobe: module nfs not found
modprobe: failed to load module nfs

nfs.app.bin is in the root of the only USB stick I have attached.

Thanks for your help.

<<< edit: Post information about devices/partitions/etc that you’re using and I’ll work on this. –b-rad >>>

August 12th, 2009 12:30

I’m using a 2GB USB stick with a single partition formatted FAT32. Nothing fancy.

<<< edit: if you can, telnet in and execute the following:
cp -f /tmp/messages.txt $AROOT/messages.txt.${lastMESSAGES}
dmesg > XXtargetXX/dmesg.txt
blkid > XXtargetXX/system.txt
echo "---------------------------------------------------" >> XXtargetXX/system.txt
lsusb >> XXtargetXX/system.txt
echo "---------------------------------------------------" >> XXtargetXX/system.txt
cat /proc/partitions >> XXtargetXX/system.txt
echo "---------------------------------------------------" >> XXtargetXX/system.txt
cat /etc/mtab >> XXtargetXX/system.txt
echo "---------------------------------------------------" >> XXtargetXX/system.txt
lsmod >> XXtargetXX/system.txt

where XXtargetXX is the location of your attached device (ex. /tmp/media/usb/USB1/something)

Upload those two logs somewhere and then make a post here.

–b-rad >>>

August 15th, 2009 16:11

i installed the firware into my wdtv and i got the ip adress

but when i try to connect to it via ftp client i got connectiom failed ( connection refused )

any help ?

also now i cant install anyother firmware or restore the device to factory settings… whenever i do restore it it comes again with the WDLXTV firmware ?!?! can’t install any new f/w new or old help pleased

<<< edit: first if you want ftp you need the pureftpd.app.bin. Nextly the info is in many places, so read.
0.5.x bug topic
end users wiki
custom firmware wiki

–b-rad >>>

[...] configurable to automount NFS shares (requires nfs app pack) [...]

August 18th, 2009 19:54

I am totally stumped and I have to resort to going to you, the man, on this last issue I have…

How can I setup a NFS share on a box so I can mount it on another? I have the xmount on the second box down, but I cannot seem to find the info on getting the share on the first box. I will owe you big time if you can help me with this one. Thanks in advance!


August 19th, 2009 03:43
August 20th, 2009 12:04

Thank you very much rene…that is a good tutorial and I have used it to set up a nfs share to stream from my computer. What I am having a difficult time with is setting up the WDTV to share to a second WDTV…

thanks for your help…

August 31st, 2009 11:05

Thank you very much for all your work you are putting in this project! Do I need WDTV firmware for nfs.app.bin-0.3 or is it running with 0.5.5? I am using 0.5.5 and nfs.app.bin-0.3 and have still the problem that /etc/exports is only readable when I try to export a share of the wdtv. May this problem be fixed in If not, the problem is still in nfs.app.bin-0.3. Maybe you can change the S40 and S44 init-scripts to use /tmp/conf/exports for startup the nfs server.

August 31st, 2009 11:21

Maybe the problem is that /etc/exports is no softlink like /etc/hosts -> /tmp/hosts or /etc/fstab -> /tmp/fstab. If you can arange to set /etc/exports as a softlink the problem would be solved.

<<< edit: you need to utilize nfs exports as /etc/exports & /etc/hosts.allow doesn’t exist in previous versions. –b-rad >>?

August 31st, 2009 14:21

I try to set the xmounts permanently but it is unpossible.
I can mount succesfully the drive of my NAS, but each time I swithc of the WD, i lose the link.
I try to edit the net.mounts with vi editor, but unsecfully.
I also try to modifiy the net.mounts which is on the root of the USB key with not pad, and save, and restart the WD, but again it doesn’t work.
I’am sad because this the last step for me to put the WD on the network. Every thing works except set this mount PERMANENTLY.
Do you have any idea to help me?

Another comment for you: The firmware is great! works fine, but I had trouble with my remote since I’ve changed to this FW (Freeze, out of work, need to switch off and restart). I don’t know if it’s related but I wanted to give you this feedback.

August 31st, 2009 19:54

I have the same problem with Kevin regarding incorrect size between SMB and NFS. I have about 6 1080p mkv files and while SMB reports reports correctly but NFS report sizes are around 300 to 400 MEG and they play only for a few minutes.

using 5.6.1 firmware and using TrueGrid NFS on windows 2000.

SMB: 4693962838 Dec 29 2008 Whe…..mkv
NFS: 398995542 Dec 29 2008 Whe…..mkv

<<< edit: using linux NFS’s I have never experienced problems like this, its your NFS software. –b-rad >>>

September 2nd, 2009 14:11

Does nfs ver 0.3 fix the problem with incorrect reporting of file size yet?

<<< edit: the problem doesn’t exist for me using ubuntu, debian, & fedora NFS’s. Its *your* NFS software having the problems. –b-rad >>>

September 3rd, 2009 06:40

at first thanks for this great FW.
I am using FW and the NFS Pack 0.3.0 on my USB Stick, Network is working fine with my Linksys USB Ethernet Device.
I try to figure out the NFS mount functionality and added an “xmount MyMedia_on_NAS nfs” command into the net.mounts file. If I telnet the WDTV I can see the share is mounted but not shown in the GUI folders.
Do I need the “.addmount” on the root of my USB stick ?


<<< edit: They should show up in folder view. –b-rad >>>

September 4th, 2009 07:53

I have done everything new now (Formatting and re-installed everything) and it works.
The files are listed know.

Key up the good work !


September 4th, 2009 08:26


Do you have any idea of what could be my problem for mounting permanently ? (See my comment of august the 31st).

October 4th, 2009 06:54

I’m having some difficulties mounting WDTV in OS X using NFS exports.

On my WDTV, file /conf/exports contains:

And in the OS X, I’ve tried Finder->Go->Connect to server and entered the: nfs:// address – doesn’t work.

I’ve also tried automount using the Disk Utility (mount NFS), but the folder it mounts it to is not accessible.

Has anyone managed to connect Mac to the WDTV using nfs exports?

<<< edit: /tmp/media/usb is not exportable…you must export your device paths exactly, seperately. –b-rad >>>

October 5th, 2009 11:10

I’m trying to mount an external hard drive plugged into my WDTV player and I can’t get it to work.

Here’s my /conf/exports :


When I try to mount, I get

sudo mount /files

mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

*There was an error in my exports, it’s now, but it still doesn’t work (same error message).

Now I’m getting mount.nfs: mount to NFS server ’′ failed: RPC Error: Program not registered

<<< edit: ok, first off have you enabled the nfs server?

# config_tool -c NFSD='ON'

next the following line will show you what the server is offering:

# showmount -e IP.ADDRESS

–b-rad >>>

October 10th, 2009 17:54

This might be a dumb question but how do you enable nfs server by make a change to this command “# config_tool -c NFSD=’ON’”? where do you go to edit it? I tried to open the nfs.app.bin with notepad++ but it doesn’t work.

<<< edit: you enter that command, minus the hash (#), via telnet/ssh. –b-rad >>>

October 16th, 2009 09:37

Cannot get NFS to work for the life of me. I have tried hanewin and pronfs running on xp home formatted with ntfs.

with pronfs i can mount my share from my osx machine but on the wdtv i get this error:

xmount ShareName nfs udp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768
mount: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused

ive also tried without the extra parameters.

# showmount -e
Export list for
/c/movie_share *

any help would be greatly appreciated!!! a search for this error on the wdtv forum produces nothing but one liner threads with no help

October 16th, 2009 09:50

lol im retarded… i was so busy thinking of what could be wrong that i didnt realize i was trying to mount the wrong ip address!!!! works now

October 28th, 2009 14:27

How the hell do you get the wdtv to find your shares?

Without having to be a professor, learning 500 different weird names, abbreviations, commands, etc

Or is it impossible to be simple, then you have to buy another device?

<<< edit: theres a forum for help. wdtvforum. As well there is a file called net.mounts that comes in every releases zip containing examples of how to mount your shiz, you’d have known this if you’d ever read the README. –b-rad >>>

November 19th, 2009 06:58

Hello !!!

a hard drive in “NTFS”connected to my WDTV may be shared by NFS????

<<< edit: Have you tried? I don’t use NTFS. –b-rad >>>

November 21st, 2009 11:29

NFS work fine with haneWIN and ext3-boot-0.9.2.zip but not work with 1[1].03.01_B-RAD.CC_WDLXTV- and 1[1].03.01_B-RAD.CC_WDLXTV- . I try all. I copy nfs.app.bin in my USB key in root with and without wdtv.bin ,wdtv.ver and net.mounts and net.config and S00custom-options . What file i have? only nfs.app.bin ? nfs.app.bin and net.mount i nusb key? When i boot WDTV i see in screen IP : NO IP . I boot with conect network i see IP : but not see any. In hanewin i dont chanege any and hanewin see my wdtv with ext3-boot-0.9.2 but not see wdtv with WDLXTV and nfs.app.bin :( Any IDEA ?
in my net.mounts i have this : xmount DVD nfs. is my compuetr. I have Win XP sp2. If i change dhcp in net.config dhcp=NO and IP= SM= my WDTV say again IP : ????? PLs Help Me .

November 21st, 2009 15:38

Work with WDLXTV-0.5.5 and WDLXTV-0.5.7 but not work with WDLXTV-0.5.8 and WDLXTV- .
And with 0.5.7 work but with play i canot stop ff rw or any push :( i push stop and play stop after 1-2min .(

November 22nd, 2009 07:55

Hey b-rad, great work. I’m still trying to get around having to pull my HFS+ disk back to my computer after every other FTP session cause it goes RO. So, I’ve got the drive on my Mac and am trying nfs.

nfs pack loaded and ‘ON’.

Mac is exporting:
# showmount -e
Export list for
/Volumes/Videos (everyone)

‘xmount Videos nfs’ in net.mounts

df -h sees the drive mounted: 1.3T 1.3T 28.6G 98% /tmp/media/usb/Videos

ls of /tmp/media/usb/Videos sees all my Movies/TV

The problem I’m still having is that nothing shows up in the GUI. The only disk that’s there is, I believe, the ‘Empty’ USB flash drive.

Any hints why the Videos aren’t available?

November 23rd, 2009 09:50

After reading an earlier post I used a different memory stick, reloaded 5.8 from scratch and nfs seems to be working. Now at least if something happens to the disk it’s attached to the Mac and fixable.

When I first got it working some large movies had no sound and seemed a little jerky so I commented (#) the MTU=9000 in net.config. Should I leave it off or should it be some other number?

Oh yeah, 5.8.1 doesn’t load for me; the progress bar never moves. I’ve downloaded it a couple time from different sites with same results. I don’t think I need it but since I was reloading WDLXTV I just went for the latest. Thanks for all the good work.

[...] configurable to automount NFS shares (requires nfs app pack) [...]

December 23rd, 2009 14:43

Pack works with but it doesn’t seem to automount the net.mounts file. I can manually mount the shares. If I specify samba shares they automount, but not the nfs ones. Just odd…

January 8th, 2010 21:40

Upgraded to (was at 0.5.7 and everything worked good) and trying to use NFS server. It doesn’t pick up either net.config or net.mounts from USB. It defaulted to what is in /conf/config. I was able to telnet in and cp the files over to /conf and it picks up net.config after reboot. However net.mounts does not work. I looked for nfs in /apps and it is empty. I figure none of the apps are being picked up for some reason. I did change parameters in S00custom-options and that seems to change things.

How do I manually telnet in and start an app like nfs?

<<< edit: are you attempting to load apps off a hard drive? Flash devices have been found to work best. If still doesn’t work resort to the forums for help. –b-rad >>>

January 15th, 2010 14:48

After some hours of work, a simple command “reboot” in telnet and i see all the shares.

<<< edit: ;) –b-rad >>>

January 20th, 2010 04:49

Thanks Brad. Turns out if I used a different flash drive, reformatted as FAT, then it works. I still cannot get the NFS Server on the WDTV to work. Showmount works and shows the exported directories, but when I try to mount (from a Ubuntu system), it says:
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

Is there a host.allow and host.deny that I need to set? I tried this as well in /conf and that didn’t work either. I have no firewall issues.

I am trying to use NFS to copy files to the drive connected to the WDTV. I can use Samba, but it appears to be 5 times slower (I can copy to another PC running an NFS server connected to the same ethernet hub). So it appears to be a server issue, not connection issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

January 30th, 2010 22:19

Hi guys! I’ve read through all the comments, but haven’t found an answer to my problem. NFS client works like a charm in my case, WDTV can perfectlly see Windows7′s exported folder made with nfsAxe. It works as NFS server too, I can connect to WDTW exported folder (/tmp/media/usb/USB2/189C39239C38FCB6,async)) with my Windows7, but when I try to use it look what it says:

C:\Users\leva>mount r:

r: is now successfully connected to
The command completed successfully.

Access is denied.

Do you guys think it is Win7 problem?

February 6th, 2010 07:46

I’m on 0.57version. The nfs mount seems ok since I was able to see the nfs share in the folder view. But when I selected it, it says folder is empty. What needs to be done to fix the issue? There are multiple subfolders under the shared folders, but none of them showed up.

March 14th, 2010 02:48

To everyone having problems not seeing the NFS shares, here is what I did :

- unplug the power cord, wait 3 seconds, and plug it back.

Normally, after you installed everything, if the config files are ok, the wd tv needs a hardware reset to take the NFS app into account. (and not only a remote power off and on)

Now I have another problem, my wdtv see the share on my dns 323, but when I try to play one, the screen goes black, and then nothing. I can go back with the remote, and the I see again the shares.

<<< edit: telnet in and do config_tool -c NTP=OFF –b-rad >>>
Any idea ?


March 14th, 2010 14:05

I have what’s probably a really stupid question. I see lots of references to using an NFS server to share a hard drive connected to the device. Does this app, or is there another one, that will act as an NFS client that can access shares on my network?

<<< edit: This app.bin contains both NFS client and NFSD server capability. So yes, you can mount your remote NFS shares with this. –b-rad >>>

March 22nd, 2010 13:50

first i want to thank you for this great work.
second i have a question:
I use the latest version of WDLXTV with latest nfs.app.bin. I managed do share my USB HDD disk plugged in to my PC with Hanewin NFS server, and mount some folders with WDTV.
I use the net.mounts file in /etc/conf to mount my shares persistently.
All files play well. Exept 1080p files.
I calculated the transfer speed with:
time cat file.avi > /dev/null ….
and just got 5.5 – 8.8 Mbit/s
So this is too little to transfer 1080p files.
I wonder why it is soo slow??!

I also tried to change the rsize and wsize value in the net.mounts file, but it seems not to be recognised. Because after i changed this values for example to 32768 and rebooted of course (the wdtv, the pc and the nfsserver) and then typed via telnet:
mount -t nfs
it keeps telling me: on /tmp/media/usb/USB1/Dokus type nfs (rw,v3,rsize=8192,wsize=81

of course, at first i tried the protocol UDP, but no change.

How can I speed up my transfer rate?
(Of course, everything is wired, no WIFI.)
Thanks (from Austria)

<<< edit: Ask on the wdlxtv forums. –b-rad >>>

March 22nd, 2010 13:52

i forgot:
i have Windows 7 and therefore the filesystem from the USB HDD is NTFS.

March 23rd, 2010 09:12

Hi, b-rad. I’m using your lastest WDLXTV firmware and share the hard drive attached to WDTV thorugh NFS. I am able watch the video on my 2nd WDTV via NFS share. However, I encountered a problem. The video alway stalls for about 5-10 seconds after maybe a few minutes playing, the it resumes by itself. What could be the problem. I tuned some parameters like rsize,wsize,upd/tcp,etc but could not help. The messege.txt says Server Not response. I appreciate your time and help!

March 25th, 2010 20:19

I installed successfully and connected via telnet. Attempted to install nfs.app.bin-0.3 using empty FAT USB flashdisk and was able to mount nfs shares from Ubuntu Server with Read-Only. mount -t nfs showed the nfs mount. WDLXTV would not recognize the nfs share. Reboot by removing USB Flashdisk and Power for 30 sec. nfs.app.bin-0.3 disappeared and lost the nfs mount. Did I miss a step with nfs.app.bin-0.3 installation? If the USB Flashdisk plugged-in, nfs.app.bin-0.3 showed up. Any helps are appreciated. Great Firmware. Need nfs streaming please….

<<< edit: uhmmmm…what? There is no installation of app.bins, if you don’t have them attached at boot then there will be no extra functionality. –b-rad >>>

March 30th, 2010 10:07

Using the nfs app with dlink homeplug and dns323. Worked fine until I put a gigabit switch between homeplug and wdtv, now nfs is slower than upnp or cifs shares. Any ideas?

May 7th, 2010 14:09

Can’t figure out why cifs and upnp are fine but nfs, although can see folders, won’t play.