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Internet firmware update for Moviesheets in wdlxtv-live

Hello everyone. I’d just like to announce that after weeks of successful testing with the help of my beta testing crew, movie sheets are ready to go for WDLXTV-Live!!! I have activated the auto-update feature, that is one of my many unnanounced/hidden/forgotten about features, and pulled the moviesheet update directly into your firmware. :D

Yes, this means that you now have moviesheet capability built in to your WDTV Live. You have access to the same three views from my previous video: full screen ‘std’ mode, ‘sheet’ mode, and ‘wall’ mode.

Little something I’ve been working on…

Thought I’d post a little tour down movie sheet lane on WDLXTV-Live I shot last night, in case you haven’t already seen it. The code works fairly well and is currently under beta testing, it will be ready for the public soon. The theme is by PsychoTHC.

There are three modes:

  • sheet – 1280×459 banner
  • wall – 500×720 wall
  • std – 1280×720 full screen sheet

I go through them in the video in that order, then reverse when I change listing format. Enjoy :D

Heads up pre-release-press release : WDTV G2 & WDTV Live ***updated4***

Hi Folks,

Sorry for no updates for a while. Its not because there hasn’t been any development, its because theres been so much development that I couldn’t get it to a spot where I could just let it sit and be happy…Well I’m there and will be fully publishing this release after I’m sure its good to go.

In addition to pointing you here I’d also like to point you here. The first link is to the forum post where I keep updates on latest versions and try to accomodate bug fixes. There you’ll find a snazzy new version of WDLXTV-LIVE, brimming with goodness and very stable. The second post is a release forum that deserves an h2 below.

I hereby release WDLXTV-G2 for the WD TV HD Gen 2 media player :D