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WDLXTV-PLUS for wdtv live plus

It’s been many weeks in the working, and there has been overwhelming demand for it…and it’s finally here…Yes, I’m talking about wdlxtv-plus for the wdtv live plus! There were many small kinks to overcome and minutiae to deal with, but I feel pretty much everything is taken care of. The following video below is a sneak preview of wdlxtv-plus in action.

WDTV Live Plus undressing

Something arrived for me today, a shiny new WDTV Live Plus. :-) In the following article I’ll describe my thoughts on it and tear in a bit to see whats going on. I’ll be looking for differences in base operation and hardware, comparing it to a WDTV Live (1?) along the way.

I’m not going to repeat pictures that haven’t changed a bit compared to the original WDTV Live. The outer box is the only new thing here, the inner contents contain and look the exact same as the original. Here’s the outer box.

WDTV Live Plus unopened box