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Debian on the WD TV Live – debian-wdlxtv-live

Earlier this month playdude made an interesting comment on the WDTV Live firmware development page. It intrigued me and I brought up the debian guide on debbootstrap, but never really went into it much further…Until a user on wdtvforum, Bob, went through the process and posted his results. Now Debian on the WDTV Live was back at my attention. I brought up the firefox window that had been sitting alone (yes, still) on an unused desktop awaiting my return. What was the next rational step you wonder? WDTV Live booting right into Debian of course :D

WDLXTV-LIVE Tips #1: Mounting NFS under ‘Network Shares’

Its often requested of me to clearly detail various feature of my firmwares. Well this is the first tip in a series I’ll try and add to occasionally. The first tip deals with a feature that I have just included in WDLXTV-LIVE, which allows you to mount NFS shares under the ‘Network Shares’ category–which means you don’t have to have any local storage connected to view 1080p goodness off your NFS!! :D

This is a momentous occasion and a great feature that I am happy to finally be able to offer.

WDTV Live homebrew firmware development *updated4*

Since I received my WDTV Live a week ago I’ve been working on getting a full fledged homebrew firmware working on it. Well, it only took me 4 days from UPS box to custom firmware and now the stage is polishing and tweaking of the package. This post is intended as a ‘progress report’ of sorts. I will be updating this page as I create new versions and find new information, so be sure to check back.

WDTV Live unboxing + undressing *revised2*

So I got myself a new little toy in the mail today, a shiny new Western Digital WDTV Live. :-D In the following writeup I’ll analyze the internals a bit and dig a little into things for everyones amusement…for the record it took me 2:43 from unbox to broken warranty–aka–Open device. (more…)