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WDLXTV-LIVE-0.3.2 – Extreme WDTV Live firmware upgrade

Heres a nice shiny Christmas present for everyone :)
I’ve patched the bugs and tested deluge/lighttpd/nzbget–thanks to a catch&release WDTV Live purchase ;) The webserver starts automagic now, torrents work, nzbget works, unrar will do multi part archives, and par2 found its way in.

I’d also like to send a huge thanks out to anyone who has donated. Your support means a tremendous amount and helps keep my motivation up. Cheers!!!

* fixed group/shadow/passwd to enable lighttpd
* fixed /etc/init.d/S96deluge to enable deluge
* fixed /etc/init.d/S96nzbget to enable nzbget
* fixed deluge config persistence
* unrar-nonfree-3.8.5-1 included
* actually included par2-0.4
* lighttpd can be disabled (config_tool -c LIGHTTPD=OFF)
* deluge webui can be disabled (config_tool -c DELUGEWEBUI=OFF)
* Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone enjoys this and is having a great time over the holidays!!! I won’t be back home until Jan 08, so this’ll have to hold everyone off (sans other serious bugs) until then ;)

WDLXTV-LIVE-0.3.0 — The extreme WD TV Live firmware upgrade!

I have been working extremely hard the past couple weeks. The fruits of my labours have been plentiful too. I’ve stabilized the internals and fleshed out the system to make it more complete & correct…which probably means nothing to 99% of you, but still it needed to be done. After that I went around and started beefing up the firmware with everything I can think of that I might want or which might be useful to have. Well that turned out to be an epic journey down the binary rabbit h01e…After much struggle and a few bottles of potion I came out on top and all the cards fell into place:)

So now…

  • Ever want to run bittorrent on your WD TV Live and manage it through an easy web interface? Check.
  • Ever desire NZB (newsgroup/usenet) downloading & postprocessing, with a nice web interface? Check
  • Ever Desire a web configuration menu so you don’t have to go to the console ever again to change all the mysterious hidden settings I have peppered everywhere? Almost check, webserver is there and config is under works.

Now I know I say this with every version I produce, but please–please–if you enjoy my produce then consider donating as much (or little) as you see fit. I put in around 200hrs of dev time into this release, and I think it shows.