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Am I still alive?

Hi guys, I just thought I’d add a little post here stating that while I have not added a post here in a year activity on WDLXTV has never ceased. I’ve gotten a handful of mails lately wondering if WDLXTV is dead, because they haven’t been able to find our new home. Development could not be farther from dead, as you can notice if you read the subversion logs. I said that I would be moving all operations to, and I did. Although the real activity goes down in the forum. It is highly suggested for you to register here and then log into the forum. There you’ll find all information on current fimrware releases and an abundance of information on all aspects of WDLXTV. In addition to the forum, I’ve also set up a WiKi that has a pretty decent amount of homebrew specific material in it.

It also seems that sometime in the last long while wordpress has decided to stop sending me comment notifications, so I have a nice healthy mod queue of 800 comments…which I’ll try and bust through eventually.

I will try and make note here whenever I make a new release (one is coming very soon), but once again:

Come one, come all to for some serious homebrew action!!

On another note, anyone who has ever made a donation (greater than $5) gets special access on the forum and the ability to receive online updates (greater than $10 donation). If you’ve made a donation in the past just shoot me a private message on the forum with your exact paypal email address, full name, & date of donation and I’ll get you sorted asap! Please do not email me.


b-rad (brad)