Optware for WDTV

WDTV optware v0.2

Provided an optware feed by the awesome people at nslu2-linux.org, I ported optware to provide the ipkg package manager system for us to use on the wdtv. This gives instant access to 1138 packages and turns the wdtv into a fully loaded machine. Most importantly it gives us instant access to extra tools to do even more to the little thing now.

In order to take advantage of Optware you must either be running WDLXTV or Zoranders ext3-boot. Both of those are covered elsewhere.

Read about Optware

Download, unzip & place opt.bin on the root of your boot disk. Warning, opt.bin is 128MB unzipped…bit on the small side, but good for most everyone cept those who already know how to resize it ; )
boot wdtv.

*** opt.bin-0.2 ***


0.2 fixes
* installed prerequisite packages using ipkg
* added libuClibc & libm (brian zhou tip - thx)
* added readline for bash

0.1.1 maintenance
* forgot /opt/sbin

0.1 first release

Note: this requires zoranders ext3-boot (>0.8.5).

first telnet/ssh in and run:

ipkg update

now you’re good to go, full access to install whatever ipkg has to offer.

ipkg update - update feed
ipkg list - lists available packages
ipkg list_installed - list installed packages
ipkg install <package> - installs package and all dependencies
ipkg upgrade <package> - upgrades package
ipkg remove <package> - removes package

grep can help you filter ipkg list, for example:

$ ipkg list | grep wget
wget - 1.11.4-1 - A network utility to retrieve files from the Web
wget-ssl - 1.11.4-1 - A network utility to retrieve files from the Web
$ ipkg install wget

*** optware-for-wdtv v0.2 ***

Brian Zhou @ nslu2-linux.org for managing the feed