DVDMOD – DVD-Rom enabled WDTV firmware

DVDMOD is a custom unofficial firmware for the Western Digital WDTV, which adds optical drive (cd/dvd drives) and extra filesystem support. I have remixed all official firmware releases and added cdrom support via cd-manager. Yes, this means you can boot with a usb dvd drive connected and play from it on your WDTV now. The only limitation is that since dvd drives are officially unsupported you must have a supported (aka FAT32, NTFS, HFS,…) drive/flashdisk inserted. If there is no supported drive in the WDTV reports ‘no storage present’ and you will be unable to navigate to the browser. DVDMOD also enables the use of ext2/ext3/reiserfs drives, with the same limitations. This firmware is flashed to your WDTV like the updates that have come from Western Digital. If you can perform an official firmware upgrade, the process to upgrade to DVDMOD is identical. There is no Linux knowledge required. There is a version of DVDMOD for each of the major firmware releases, so pick your favourite.

NOTE: I am not responsible for anything crazy that might happen during the process of flashing this firmware. Nothing should go wrong and everything should work accordingly, BUT if it does…

If you desire further functionality don’t miss WDLXTV, my extra souped up firmware with network capabilities. WDLXTV contains ALL the enhancements of DVDMOD and much more.

You must have media manager turned on to see ext2/ext3/reiserFS/xfs partitions and optical drives.

To find your drive go to the videos section and browse folders, you will be displayed the currently available devices. USB1, USB2, cdrom[s], and any xfs/reiser partitions will all be available there.

So in summary:

  • Flash this

  • connect a powered hub if you need one now ; )
  • attach any external dvd drives
  • attach any xfs/reiser formatted disks
  • attach anything else supported
  • boot wdtv

After the wdtv has booted if media library is on go to Video Folders and you’ll see everything you have connected! If media library is not on, you will not see anything connected

Current limitations are:

  • dvd/xfs/reiser partitions not added to media library, means you **must** use folder view

  • you must still have at least one officially supported drive/flashdisk in to be able to browse the folders.

I’ve started a thread at AVS Forums thread to deal with questions. Go here to check drive compatability and ask questions. My drive is a Plextor 716A and it will fast forward, rewind, and can be resumed. If yours can’t or doesn’t work that threads the place to say.


* 1.02.07_DVDMOD
* XFS filesystem support is back in
* added md5sums to files

* 1.02.06_DVDMOD
* 1.02.04_DVDMOD

* 1.02.03_DVDMOD
* XFS filesystem support removed from 1.02.03_DVDMOD for space

* 1.02.00_DVDMOD now available
* Pennhaven's screen saver image included on 1.01.02 now
* fixed jumbled icons on home menu
* OSD tweaks
* better bus reset handling with cd.eject

* Updated to cd-manager-0.7
* optical drive speed set to 16X = silent w/ seeking
* handles usb bus resets on eject better
* independant welcome_logo & screen_saver - due to size limitation in 1.01.02 welcome_log = screen_saver : (
* new logos by Pennhaven
* defaults to video on boot
* ext2/ext3/reiserFS/xfs filesystem hotplugging & unplugging now supported!
* OSD tweaks (welcome, settings->about)
* changed background to http://oliuss.deviantart.com/art/Hardwood-Night-88299626
* HD-X logo by Pennhaven (thx)

* Media Library **must** be enabled
* Optical and ext2/ext3/reiserFS/xfs drives will only appear under View Folders
* Fixed NTFS crashing

0.2 - initial public release

*** WDTV_FW_1_00_01_B-RAD.CC_DVDMOD-0.4.1 *** downloaded 420+ times!

*** WDTV_FW_1_01_02_B-RAD.CC_DVDMOD-0.4.1 *** downloaded 1600+ times!

*** WDTV_FW_1_02_07_B-RAD.CC_DVDMOD-0.4.4 *** downloaded 1000+ times!

Don't forget to check out the WDTV HD player unofficial firmware wiki page.