WDTV Optware tips #1 – resizing opt.bin *updated*

TweetBack in my post about Optware for the WDTV, I mentioned how I had limited opt.bin to 128MB and made a comment hinting about being able to resize it if you need. Well I was called out [sasa ; )] so heres the easy steps to resize your opt.bin to whatever you’d like. 128MB really [...]

WDTV Optware tips #2 – Rapidshare downloading with SlimRat

TweetToday I’ll walk through getting perl & SlimRat installed on your WDTV. SlimRat is a command line and GUI utility for downloading files from Rapidshare on Linux. In order to take advantage of this tutorial you must either be running WDLXTV or Zoranders ext3-boot. You must also have my Optware for WDTV package installed, that [...]

WDTV Optware tips #3 – bittorrent with rtorrent

TweetBy popular demand I’ll go through all the steps to get a bittorrent client running on the WDTV. My client of choice is rtorrent so that is what I’m going to cover. rtorrent is an extremely fast and lightweight client so it suits the wdtv perfectly. You’ll be downloading torrents in no time flat. In [...]

WDTV Optware tips #4: lighttpd webserver with PHP

TweetAs I sat down to start on the wtorrent tutorial I promised back in my rtorrent article I thought about how it is really two seperate parts: getting the webserver running and then getting wtorrent running on that. So today I’ll be going through everything to get the lighttpd webserver running on your Western Digital [...]

WDTV Optware tips #5: wtorrent – webgui for rtorrent

TweetW T O R R E N T D T V Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to part 3 of 3 in my rtorrent with wtorrent tutorial. Wtorrent is an excellent webui for rtorrent and after this tutorial you’ll be able to manage rtorrent from the web…forward a port and you can even connect to [...]